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About the Candidates for the
2017 - 2018 Faculty Senate Election


Nancy Ares
Associate Professor, Warner School

My research and teaching focus on forms of cultural capital developed in urban communities under pressure and in non-formal educational settings. I also use critical geography of education reform to understand distributions of opportunity and resources. I joined the Warner School faculty in 2003, teaching cultural foundations, research methods, adolescent development, and theories of learning. I served on the Faculty Senate from 2006-2009, was the Faculty Diversity Officer for Warner from 2008-2015, and served on the Presidential Commission on Race and Diversity in 2016. I am interested in continuing to support the University’s work to create an inclusive campus community.


Zack Bernstein
Assistant Professor of Music Theory, ESM

I am on the music theory faculty at Eastman, which I joined in 2015. My teaching and research are both primarily focused on twentieth-century music, but I use a variety of approaches to address this diverse repertoire. In addition to technical analysis, I’ve been working on the relationship between compositional theory and analytical theory, on the ways music creates sensations of embodiment, and on text-music relations. I also serve on the board of the Music Theory Society of New York State. I’m hoping to join the Faculty Senate in order to give back to my community and to help facilitate a strong working relationship between Eastman and the River Campus.


John D. Bisognano
Professor of Medicine, SMD

I'm Director of Outpatient Cardiology and devote substantial amount of time to research and teaching.  My research and specialty is in the area of hypertension, with a particular interest in severe and resistant hypertension, and in how behavioral factors affect patient adherence to recommended medical treatments.  As President of the American Society of Hypertension, I'm involved in numerous public health initiatives and have seen how institutions similar to ours have made great strides in improving the health of their communities.  I have also been involved in local programs that have improved blood pressure treatment in the Rochester region, but feel that there is still much to do.  I teach students, residents, and fellows both in the hospital as well as in the outpatient setting, with a primary focus on heart failure, hypertension, and innovation in health care delivery.  My motivation to join the Faculty Senate comes from a desire to expand UR's role in the community in improving the public health, as well as that of the faculty and staff at the University.  I joined the faculty in 2001 and feel that it is an ideal time to give back to the University by engaging faculty, staff, and students in community health projects.


Mark Bocko

Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, AS&E

I have been a member of the faculty in the Electrical and Computer Engineering Department since 1985 where I have served as Chair of the department since 2004 with an 18-month break in 2010-11.  I have maintained an active research program throughout my career that has spanned topics from superconducting electronics, quantum computing and sensors to audio and music signal processing. Teaching also has been a priority throughout my career and I have been fortunate to be recognized with five teaching awards from the University. Recently, I led the development of a new major in Audio and Music Engineering in the Hajim School and since 2010 I have served as Director of CEIS (the Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences), a NYS funded Center with the mission of promoting economic development through University – Industry collaboration.  My motivation to join the faculty senate derives from my interest in maintaining research excellence at the University while at the same time developing new and evolving educational programs that will attract a diverse pool of students, and to leverage the University’s capabilities for the economic betterment of the region.


Mary Jane Curry
Associate Professor, Warner School

I am an associate professor in the Department of Teaching and Curriculum at the Warner School, where I am also the founding director of our Writing Support Services. My fields are language education and academic literacy. My research focuses on global academic knowledge production by qualitatively examining the experiences of multilingual scholars with writing for publication in English, including a project conducted in Chile while a Fulbright Scholar in 2014. I have served in the Senate since fall 2014, last year as a member of the Senate Executive Committee and this year as Senate co-chair. In this capacity I have been involved in making revisions to policies on faculty involvement in senior hires/reappointments, intimate relationships, faculty grievances. I have worked with my co-chair to increase participation in faculty governance by introducing the Senate at the new faculty orientation and updating bylaws so that most Senate committees are elected. I also serve as the Senate representative to the Public Safety Review Board, monitoring the implementation of the arming of campus Safety Officers.


Rajiv Dewan
Professor, Simon School

I have teaching and research interests in business analytics, organizational issues in management of information systems, the information technology industry and financial information systems. I am managing our new MS in Business Analytics program which has grown from 4 to 45 students in three years.  Previously, I have held positions as the Senior Associate Dean for Faculty and Research, Faculty Director of Masters programs, and the Chairman of the PhD program.  I am a graduate of the doctoral program at the University, and have a strong desire to further the academic strength and reputation of the institution.

Prior to joining the Simon School, I was a faculty member at Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management. I am a member of the Association for Computing Machinery, INFORMS, and the Beta Gamma Sigma honor society.


Louis DiVincenti, Jr.
Assistant Professor of Comparative Medicine, SMD

I am a veterinarian in the Department of Comparative Medicine at the SMD. My working title is Chief of Large Animal Medicine & Research, and my job is to enhance the biomedical research mission institution-wide through veterinary care of university research animals and support of faculty researchers in planning and executing animal research projects. After graduating from LSU, I completed my residency in comparative medicine here at UR and then joined the faculty in 2012. I also serve on the University Committee for Animal Resources (UCAR). I believe my interactions with faculty across many departments and schools within the University as well as my unique perspective as a non-traditional faculty member will make me an asset to the Faculty Senate.

Chunkit Fung
Assistant Professor of Medicine and Public Health, SMD

I am a medical oncologist and an Assistant Professor of Medicine and Public Health, with research interests and expertise in the field of cancer survivorship, particularly in the development of interventions to prevent treatment-related side effects in cancer survivors.  I joined the faculty in 2011 after my medical training at University of Pennsylvania.  Currently, I serve as the medical director of the solid oncology inpatient unit and co-director of the WCI tobacco treatment program.  At the medical school, I am a faculty advisor for Spectrum, which is a medical student organization that seeks to support, educate, and offer resources to the LGBTQ community.  I am also involved in the recruitment interview process for both the internal medicine residency and hematology oncology fellowship, including serving on the hematology oncology fellowship selection committee.  Further, I am a member of the core clinical competencies committee for the hematology oncology fellowship, where I review each fellow’s academic progress and develop corrective action plan if necessary.  My motivation to join the Faculty Senate was that as an Asian American LGBTQ faculty member, I have a particular passion in helping to create a supportive and inclusive environment at the University for all the staff, students, and faculty.


Daniel Gildea
Professor of Computer Science, AS&E


Pierre Gourdain
Assistant Professor of Physics & Astronomy, AS&E

My research focuses on extreme state physics, where materials are such under extreme conditions that standard physical models break down.  Understanding planetary formation or predicting star evolution requires new physical theories that can capture the essence of matter under billions of atmospheric pressures.  As in research, where new ideas are essential, I believe in a Faculty Senate with an innovative spirit.  While I am a recent member of the Physics and Astronomy Department at the University of Rochester, I have been involved with higher education throughout my career, both in physics and engineering.  First as a student, then as a lecturer at UCLA and an Assistant Professor at Cornell University, I have been exposed to both public and private institutions.  I hope my contributions to the Senate will continue the long tradition which makes our University a unique place, where present and future generations of students can study the arts, sciences and engineering that will help them fulfill their ambitions.


Theresa Green
Assistant Professor of Public Health Science, SMD

I am the Director of Community Health Policy and Education at the University’s Center for Community Health (CCH).  As such, I coordinator the Community Health Improvement Planning process and implementation for Monroe County, NY conducted jointly between the four hospitals and the Department of Public Health.  I coordinate the community health benefits efforts for UR Medicine’s Strong Memorial Hospital and serve on the HANYs (Hospital Association of New York) Community Health Task Force and lead the URMC team to the AAMC Systems Approach to Community Health initiative.

In addition I serve as the Co-Director of the Health Systems theme for the undergraduate medical curriculum and as the Director of the required fourth year Community Health Improvement Course for medical students.  My research interests center around the effectiveness of experiential learning for millennial learners in health to teach the importance of non-medical determinants of health.  I am very interested in the intersection points between health care delivery and community health.

Before coming to Rochester, I was the Director of Community Health Planning for the Berrien County Health Department in Michigan and was instrumental in the passage of the Berrien County Clean Indoor Air Regulation, childhood lead poisoning policy, and initiatives addressing health disparity and social justice.  I come from a clinical background as a certified Anesthesiologist Assistant with over 20 years of clinical experience.

Scott Hartman

Associate Clinical Professor of Family Medicine, SMD

As a family physician I have developed clinical skills in general, but also specific expertise in maternal-child health, women's reproductive health, LGBT health and HIV medicine, with experience in public health and advocacy in these areas. I believe I can bring useful experience that extends beyond my specific experience in maternal-child health. In addition to the experiences above, I have also worked on collaboration with community/advocacy groups in the areas of breastfeeding support for women, LGBT health issues and health disparities. I have served as faculty for URMC’s Family Medicine Residency Program since 2013, and previously was an Assistant Professor at Montefiore/Albert Einstein Medical Center in the Bronx and Cook County Hospital in Chicago.  

My experience as the Maternity Care Coordinator in two large academic family medicine departments has provided me with a great deal experience in administration and public health. I have created or expanded collaborations with several community organizations such as the NY state March of Dimes, our regional perinatal network and regional WIC departments. I have also developed collaborations with interprofessional groups (such as nursing, OB/gyn and pediatrics) around safe maternity care, breastfeeding promotion and prematurity prevention.

I currently serve on the Boards of the Institute for Family Centered Childbirth and the NY State Academy of Family Physicians, and I was recently elected to serve on the national American Academy of Family Physicians Commission on Health of the Public and Science. 

Henry Klumpenhouwer
Professor of Music Theory, ESM

My teaching and research concern 19th century German music theory, the analysis of early 20th century music, and analytical methodology. I joined the faculty of the Eastman School in 2013.  Before coming to Eastman, I taught for 23 years at the University of Alberta, where I served on several university, faculty, and departmental committees. I was a faculty member at the Mannes Institute for Advanced Studies in Music Theory in 2003 and 2011.  From 2006–09, I edited Music Theory Spectrum, the print journal of the Society for Music Theory.


Amy Lerner
Associate Professor of Biomedical Engineering, AS&E

As one of the founding members of department of Biomedical Engineering, I have been involved in curriculum development for both undergraduate and graduate programs since 1997.  My research is in the area of computational biomechanics, with an emphasis on orthopaedics, the cornea and medical devices.  I am also the Academic Director of the Center for Medical Technology & Innovation (CMTI), which is focused on providing training in innovation of medical devices and other biomedical technology.  I developed our BME Senior Design program as well as a novel one year MS program involving clinical immersions in the medical setting.  Both programs require and nurture frequent collaborations between the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and the Medical Center.  The CMTI also fosters relationships with alumni, external partners in the local community and medical device companies from across the country.  I have served as a faculty representative on the College Diversity Roundtable since 2007, and am committed to efforts to foster an inclusive campus community and to broaden participation in engineering and related fields.


Ravi Misra
Research Assistant Professor of Pediatrics, SMD

My interest in scientific research has revolved around understanding the cellular and molecular biology of the immune and respiratory systems. With fast-paced advances in laboratory assays, we are able to study cells with increasing resolution, making it an exciting time to be involved with team-based biomedical research projects. Recently, I have taken on more leadership roles. I am now a co-Investigator for the LungMAP program that aims to create a detailed molecular atlas of normal human lung development and consists of a consortium of leading lung biology researchers.  Additionally, I have been selected to serve as a peer reviewer for the American Lung Association. In the past, I have served on the Biosafety Committee at the Trudeau Institute. I have been, and continue to be, responsible for the training and oversight of numerous laboratory technicians, undergraduate & graduate students, and clinical & basic science postdoctoral fellows in the lab. Furthermore, I have taught material related to the immune and respiratory systems to undergraduate, graduate & medical students in several classroom settings.  Thus, I feel that my experience would position me well to become a productive member of the Faculty Senate.

Nimish Mohile

Associate Professor of Neurology, SMD

I have been a faculty member in the Department of Neurology for the past ten years and now lead the Division of Neuro-oncology.  I conduct clinical trials for patients with glioblastoma and perform research related to health utilization and quality of life in brain tumor patients.  Teaching and mentoring are an important part of my academic career.  I work with students across the university and I am currently mentoring undergraduate, graduate and medical students in addition to residents, fellows and junior faculty.  I am the neuro-oncology fellowship program director and in my department, I have worked on establishing metrics for educational contributions to better recognize the educational commitments of faculty.  As a faculty senate nominee, I am particularly interested in promoting the teaching mission of the medical school and university with the goal of better recognizing faculty contributions to education.  

Jeffrey Runner

Professor of Linguistics, AS&E


Gaurav Sharma
Professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering, AS&E

My teaching and research are concerned with the theory and applications of signal/image processing to problems in data analytics with applications in Medical and Bio Informatics, Computer Vision, Image Processing, Media Security, Color Imaging, Communications. In my research, I collaborate with colleagues across the different schools in UR and outside in these areas. I am also actively involved in undergraduate teaching in our department and am the current chair of the ECE Undergraduate Committee. I am also professionally active in my home professional society, the IEEE, where I serve on the Publications Board as treasurer and member at large and the Chair for the Conference Publications Committee. My particular interest in serving on the senate is to ensure that policies formulated are sensible and respectful of faculty time and energies and oriented toward improving our standing both as a research university and as an undergraduate educational institution.


Mark Shelly
Professor of Medicine, SMD

I am an active clinician and teacher of Infectious Disease at Highland Hospital, where I’ve been since I joined the faculty in 1992. The University of Rochester reputation for excellence in patient care attracted me here over 30 years ago, and I hope I am a part of maintaining that reputation today. Much of my work centers on evaluating and preventing hospital-associated infections, making healthcare safer. Having served one term on the Faculty Senate, the importance of balance and diversity in our faculty across the many schools, as well as maintaining a vibrant faculty governance, is clearer to me. I’d like to use this understanding in contributing to the senate for another term.


Randall Stone
Professor of Political Science, AS&E

My teaching and research concern international relations, Russia and Eastern Europe, international organizations and international finance, and I direct the Skalny Center for Polish and Central European Studies.  I joined the faculty in 1996, and I have served as Director of Graduate Studies in Political Science, as a member of the University Council for Graduate Studies, and (since 2014) on the Faculty Senate.  I am also past President and current Treasurer of Genesee Area Campus Ministries, an ecumenical organization that funds the protestant chaplaincy on the River Campus.  My original motivation to join the Faculty Senate was that my daughter is an undergraduate, and I have a particular interest in helping to make the University a supportive and inclusive community.


Eugene Storozynsky
Associate Professor of Medicine, SMD

I came to the University of Rochester in 1986 as an undergraduate. Over the next 30 years, I have been fortunate to attain an invaluable education. I minored in English and completed my BS in Biochemistry (1990), PhD in Microbiology and Immunology (1998), and MD (2000). As a medical student, I served on the Student Presidential Search Committee to help find the ninth president of the university (1993/1994). I stayed on to complete residency in the Categorical Internal Medicine Program (2003) and Fellowship in Cardiovascular Diseases (2006). I joined the cardiology faculty in 2006 and specialize in heart failure/heart transplantation/mechanical circulatory devices. In 2010, I founded the Cardio-Oncology Program at URMC to manage patients in Upstate New York with cardiovascular complications of chemotherapy during treatment and in long term cancer survivors. I am a member of the Judy DiMarzo Cancer Survivorship Program and serve as the cardiology group leader on the Wilmot Cancer Institute Service Line. Lastly, I am the staff cardiologist for the URMC Executive Health Program. Outside of the University, I serve on the American College of Cardiology New York State Chapter Audit and Finance Committee and am completing my second term on the board of the Rochester American Heart Association. I am running for the Faculty Senate because I feel that I have a truly unique perspective on all facets of life within the University—undergraduate, graduate, faculty--and as such would be able to lend my experience and expertise to further enrich our institution for the foreseeable future.



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