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The University of Rochester Faculty Senate serves the following functions:

  1. To consider the state of the University and to make recommendations for its academic development to the appropriate persons or bodies within the University;
  2. To inquire into any matter of an educational or administrative nature that has implications for the academic function and welfare of the University, and to make recommendations concerning such matters to the appropriate persons or bodies within the University;
  3. To be a channel of communication between and among the various faculties of the University and between the collective faculties and the President and the Provost of the University.

All proceedings or recommendations of the Senate are confidential within the University.

The Senate consists of forty-five (45) members elected by and from the faculties of the University. The President, Provost, and the University Dean of Graduate Studies serve as members ex officio, without vote. Faculty representatives to Board of Trustees committees who are not elected members of the Senate also serve as members of the Senate, ex officio, without vote.

Each college or school within the University are entitled to at least one representative in the membership of the Senate. No college or school within the University composes a majority of the membership of the Senate.

Faculty eligible to be nominated to serve on the Senate and vote in Senate elections are full-time assistant, associate, or full professors and all part-time associate professors, full professors, or an equivalent rank.

Job codes eligible for voting and participation in the Senate can be found here.

The Senate currently has 8 standing committees, including the Senate Executive Committee. Each committee is comprised of senators and non-senators who are elected to each committee.

Election procedures, voting and nomination eligibility, as well as terms of service are outlined in the Senate Charter and By-Laws.

Page updated April 4, 2023.

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