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Academic Policies

Academic Honesty

The students, faculty and administrators of the College comprise a community of scholars who are committed to the pursuit of excellence in learning, teaching, creativity and research. Academic honesty is the cornerstone upon which excellence in these endeavors is based, as it creates the necessary conditions of mutual trust and open communication that make intellectual inquiry and growth possible.

Plagiarism is a common form of academic dishonesty. It involves the representation of another person’s work as one’s own. More specifically, it is the use of an idea, phrase, or other material from a written or spoken source without signaling the source at the place of use in a work for which the student claims authorship.

Receiving, using, or having access to unauthorized aid is another form of academic dishonesty, as is giving unauthorized aid.

Other examples, further information, the complete faculty policy, and related resources for students can be found at

Students remain responsible for the academic honesty of work submitted in University of Rochester courses, even after the students have received a final course grade. This rule also applies to students who are no longer matriculated at the University of Rochester, including those who have graduated.

Orientation Honesty Policy Dissemination

Prior to arriving on campus for Orientation, all students are asked to review the AS&E Academic Honesty Policy and submit an online form acknowledging their acceptance of its provisions.

During Orientation, undergraduate advisors introduce students to the nature of academic honesty in the College. The discussion will assume familiarity with the policy and will focus on academic honesty as a core value of our community, situations that students may encounter and questions that students have. Transfer students receive their briefing on academic honesty from the College Center for Advising Services.

These pre-arrival and Orientation procedures are designed to reinforce the importance of academic honesty.

All students (matriculated and non-matriculated) enrolled in the College or in College courses must adhere to the AS&E Academic Honesty Policy, even if they do not attend Orientation or submit the acknowledgment form.

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