Internship Search – Where do I start?

The first step in securing an internship is to know what it is that you’re looking for. That means setting goals and gaining focus.

How do I search?

Try the following to get started. There are three easy ways to look for internships. First, identify a “hit list” of potential internship sites. Use directories, on-line resources, and other printed materials to develop this list of persons and programs to contact (e.g., The Internship Bible and Peterson’s Internships Guide). Second, establish and use a network of friends, family, faculty and alumni. Finally, respond to posted and publicized opportunities. You may want to meet with a counselor to identify strategies best suited to your interests.


UR’s online career and internship database. Fill out your profile to receive targeted e-mails about internships of interest to you.

Database of diverse internship opportunities that are accessible to students and alumni from a selective group of colleges and universities, including the UR. Instructions for accessing the NIC database can be found here.

Internships by Category

A large collection of field specific links across all industries, including job boards, professional associations, and more.

Career Education Institute

Listings of internships across the US and internationally (username is “Rochester” and password is “Yellowjackets”)


Career Library. Over 1,000 reference books, journals and directories are available as well as Career Center Staff and PCAs to answer questions.

How do I write a resume and cover letter?

Pick up a copy of UR Successful in the Career Library OR use the samples available on the website. This guide has examples and instructions to get you started. Check with a staff member or a Peer Career Advisor for helpful hints. Set up an appointment to review your draft (please email yourself a copy or bring it on a flashdrive).

On-campus Employment and Research Opportunities

Student Employment – Financial Aid Office
Office of Undergraduate Research

How do I make it possible?

See below for information on funding and credit.

Receiving and accepting an offer

Career Center Counselors are trained to assist you with this last step as well. Please share your circumstances and ask for personalized assistance. Remember that Career Center Counselors can help you with the salary negotiation and offer process. To begin investigating this topic, check websites like:, The Salary Calculator, Monster Salary Center and And, never accept and then later renege on an offer. You can, and should, ask for the appropriate amount of time to collect information and make this very important decision.

Where do I live?