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For Faculty

Teaching Guidance

The Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning offers several teaching resources including information on:

Teaching Students with Disabilities

The access coordinators in the Office of Disability Resources are available to partner with you in making accommodations for students with disabilities. These accommodations are intended to afford equal access to academic content and equal opportunity to demonstrate mastery through use of assessment adjustments.

Any communication regarding a student's accommodation or specific disability is confidential. Please use discretion in any communications regarding your student's disability details. Take care to protect any print or electronic disability-related records in your possession.

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Designing a Course

Designing a course can cover a multitude of different activities, ranging from the development of a totally new course to adapting elements of an existing course in response to advances in disciplinary knowledge. 

Check out our design a course page for detailed information about:

  • Setting course outcomes
  • Course topics and themes
  • Assessment tasks
  • Using Blackboard and other educational technology to support teaching

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Teaching a Course

While there is no single best way to teach a course, our teaching a course page provides you with helpful suggestions on:

  • Initial preparation
  • Developing a comprehensive course outline
  • The first lecture
  • The teaching itself
  • Using Blackboard to support your teaching
  • The final lecture
  • Evaluating your teaching

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Evaluating a Course

We offer a range of techniques to provide feedback about your teaching—from quick on-the-spot techniques, like a one-minute paper, to those that take a little more time, like a focus group or a classroom observation. We are also available to consult with you to improve student learning.

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IT Resources

The IT resources site has information on the following technology teaching resources:

  • Blackboard
  • Coursera
  • Panopto (lecture capture)
  • Classroom clickers

For additional IT resources, see the IT website

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College Curriculum Committee

The College Curriculum Committee (CCC) reviews all newly proposed undergraduate programs and clusters, modifications to existing programs, and general graduation requirements. Contact the CCC if you have questions or recommendations regarding general educational principles or curricular requirements. See the CCC website for additional information.

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