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Contact your Instructional Technology consultant
Email: A.S&E Instructional Technology Services

Blackboard Course Management System (learn.rochester.edu) - An online resource for faculty to manage grades, post and view assignments and more. Learn more at: Blackboard for Instructors

gradeScope  (scan, upload, and grade quiz/test/exams) -Gradescope allows you to automate some grading tasks for a variety of exam types including mathematical calculations, multiple choice, bubble sheets and short answers.  Gradescope may be used for any sized class, but is ideal for instructors of large enrollment courses with multiple graders.  Paper exams must first be scanned to PDF then uploaded to GradeScope. A high speed scanner is available to assist with scanning.  After scanning, the PDF is uploaded to the Gradescope cloud where they collectively fall into well-defined answer groups for easy automated grading of answers.
Training on Gradescope is available for all aspects of Gradescope.

Panopto (lecture capture) - Record audio, video, PowerPoint, (or any software application) from your computer screen for integrated playback later by only the students within your class.

In-Class Polling - Poll Everywhere

Qwickly (Attendance) - Take attendance and register those entries with the Blackboard gradebook for a given course site.

Coursera - Expand your audience, explore creating courses online.