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These are two Hubble space telescope images of the "Pillars of Creation" in the Eagle Nebula. The left image captures a visible light view, showing an opaque cloud of gas and dust. On the right, near-infrared light penetrates much of the gas and dust, revealing stars behind the nebula and hidden away inside the pillars. (Images courtesy of NASA, ESA, Hubble Heritage Project. )

How do magnetic fields affect star formation and high-energy-density lab experiments?

Rochester researchers hope to explain how the fields occur in plasma instabilities.

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Illustration of planet being smashed by a sledgehammer resulting in sparks surrounding the planet.

Machine learning pinpoints when matter changes under extreme conditions

Rochester researchers will cut through excess data to speed the search for new materials.

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Clockwise from top left, Rochester researchers Ralf Haefner, Sreepathi Pai, Ross Maddox, Thomas Howard, Andrea Pickel, and Jessica Shang are this year's recipients of the National Science Foundation's CAREER Awards.

CAREER awards recognize role models in research, education

Six Rochester researchers have received the National Science Foundation’s most esteemed recognition for early-career faculty members.

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Bioplastic ocean instrument labeled Nereid enclosed in transparent casing.

Bioplastics made of bacteria can reduce plastic waste in oceans

A team of scientists, including biology professor Anne S. Meyer, is developing plastic materials that degrade in oceans.

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Hand holds up page of medieval manuscript from the Richard Kaeuper Collection as light filters through.

Wormholes and stains add to backstory of medieval manuscript’s acquisition

The 700-year-old manuscript is the first in a new University of Rochester library collection that honors historian Richard Kaeuper.

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84.3Million Dollars

AS&E research awards in FY2021


Awardees in AS&E


American Academy of Arts and Sciences

John Tarduno standing in a workshop.

Message from the Dean

The role of research in Arts, Sciences and Engineering (AS&E) at the University of Rochester is integral to the growth and sustainability of our 21+ research centers and 25+ academic programs. Our faculty are world-renowned scientists and scholars in their respective fields and recognized as such through honorific and grant awards, and scholarly work of the highest quality.

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A small pile of manganese.

In the News

New models shed light on life’s origin

Dustin Trail used experiments and zircon chemistry to build more accurate computer models of fluids that act as pathways from inner Earth to Earth’s surface.

More research news:

Ongoing Research Initiatives

A student using virtual reality technology to study cultures.

Data Science

At Rochester, interdisciplinary teams are advancing basic and applied research in data science to improve health, create new industries, and expand knowledge. Located in Wegmans Hall, the Goergen Institute for Data Science is home to interdisciplinary data science research and the interdepartmental data science academic programs.

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Students using technology to scan a bust of Frederick Douglass.


As scholars in the humanities and humanistic social sciences at the University of Rochester, we examine human culture in its myriad forms: literature, language, media, philosophy, religion, history, anthropology, visual and performing arts, and much more. We are committed to critical thinking, reasoned discourse, inclusiveness, civility, empathy, and compassion—values that lie at the center of humanistic inquiry and that are essential for a thriving democratic citizenry.

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A professor and a student working on a project for an industry partner.

University-Industry Collaborations

Research and innovation are hallmarks of the University of Rochester. By dovetailing these hallmarks with commercial enterprises, the University’s discoveries create new companies, new technologies, and new industries—all while improving the lives of millions around the world.

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