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At the University, Arts, Sciences and Engineering spans 24 departments, from art history to mechanical engineering. Our research—pursued in labs, classrooms, offices, libraries, and sites on- and off-campus—reflects that diversity.

A library of helpful articles has now been posted to the AS&E Intranet, under a new folder entitled Grantsmanship Articles. These range from general advice, to communicating with sponsors, to understanding the review process, to agency-specific tips/tools.

This Month’s Featured Research

Arts & Humanities

Seward Family Photo

History & Digital Media Studies:

With grant support, one of the most comprehensive firsthand accounts of 19th-century American political and social life will be available online.

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CEIS Showcase

Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences:

The Center for Emerging and Innovative Sciences connects university researchers with industry to stimulate collaboration and innovation.

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Natural Sciences

Sierra Negra

Earth & Environmental Sciences:

Cynthia Ebinger and her team created the first-ever 3D image of the structure beneath Sierra Negra Volcano in the Galápagos.

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Social Sciences

Person Reaching for Paper Airplane Made of Money

Political Science:

Gerald Gamm and his co-author find that infighting undermines large cities in state legislatures.

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Ongoing Research Initiatives

  • Big Data: What’s it all about?Rochester is at the forefront of what many believe will be a new age of investigation and advances in knowledge, pairing teams of researchers and computational scientists with supercomputing technology to transform huge mountains of data into knowledge.
  • Digital Media StudiesA new major in digital media is designed to give students a liberal arts grounding in perspectives about narrative, analysis, video production, film history, media, technology, and other humanistic approaches, complemented with production-oriented classes in video, audio, Web, and other technologies.
  • Your Brain on Big BirdUsing brain scans of children and adults watching Sesame Street, UR cognitive scientists are learning how children's brains change as they develop intellectual abilities like reading and math.
  • UR plays key role in search for Higgs bosonThe discovery of a new particle that is "consistent with the Higgs boson." marked an important period at the University of Rochester as three physicists and an engineer helped support the nearly five-decades-old theory of one of their colleagues.
  • Marshmallow Study RevisitedA new study demonstrates that being able to delay gratification is influenced as much by the environment as by innate ability.
  • Institute for Popular MusicThe University of Rochester has established an Institute for Popular Music that treats the study of popular genres as seriously as classical music.

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