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About AS&E Research


AS&E research—which spans 24 departments and 11 interdisciplinary programs and centers—is conducted in labs, classrooms, offices, libraries, and sites on- and off-campus.

How We Help Faculty

From consultations and advising to writing and editing, our team helps you excel in your scholarly endeavors to discover and communicate knowledge.

We promote faculty excellence in scholarship and research by:

  • Securing funding for your research ideas—We identify funding opportunities and notify you through postings, subscriptions, and email.
  • Preparing successful proposals—We streamline the grant submission process. This includes:
    • Limited proposal outreach and submission coordination
    • Assisting with proposal preparation, budgets, and submissions
    • Coordinating large proposal submissions that have multi-department investigators and/or sub-awards
    • Interfacing with ORPA administrators
  • Ensuring compliance—We monitor compliance with agency and University requirements, policies, and regulations (including IP, publications, human subjects). In addition, we:
    • Review conflict of interest (COI) and coordinate COI management plans.
    • Review cost-share requests cost share and other non-standard costing in proposals.
    • Provide dean’s office signoff. AS&E Signoff Policy [pdf]
  • Providing outreach and reporting—We coordinate with internal and external partners to help promote AS&E research faculty, resources, results, best practices, and trends.
  • Offering in-reach—We are working to improve department level pre-award and post-award administration.