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    Cost is a major concern for most students that are interested in graduate studies. Fellowships can help.

    The Avangrid Scholarship Program supports students pursing a master's degree in areas related to energy and the environment.

    The Barowsky Fellowship encourages undergraduates from Dominican University of California to pursue graduate/professional training at Rochester.

    The Provost Fellowship assists students from backgrounds that have been historically underrepresented in a particular discipline.

    Leva McIntire aligns a programmable spatial light modulator system that will shape the intensity and wavefront of laser beams used to pump optical parametric chirped-pulse amplifiers.

    Student Profiles

    Leva McIntire, PhD Student in optics

    An outstanding program coupled with extensive resources brought Leva McIntire, a PhD student in optics, to Rochester. She’s conducting research at the Laboratory for Laser Enegetics, and has found lots of support from the faculty and staff at The Institute of Optics. She also enjoys the cultural and intellectual diversity on campus and in the city.

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    More than 1,000 students are enrolled in our PhD and master's programs, through which our outstanding faculty provide training in research and for professional advancement.

    21Master's Programs

    The University of Rochester offers more than 30 programs that lead to advanced degrees and certificates in a broad range of disciplines in Arts, Sciences and Engineering.

    Why Rochester?

    The University of Rochester emphasizes individualized study that allows students to create an educational experience utilizing our unique facilities, nationally ranked faculty, and superb research infrastructure. USA Today recently named Rochester one of the the top-ten college towns among mid-sized metropolitan areas.

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