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We are the heart of a University that welcomes students, faculty, and staff of diverse backgrounds and ethnicities. Our responsibility to the society of which we are a part, and our deeply held conviction that we are immeasurably enriched by diversity among our faculty and students, require that we provide an environment in which people from all backgrounds can comfortably work and study together, are supported in the pursuit of their interests and goals, and can most beneficially learn from and about one another.

Our primary academic mission can be fully accomplished only if we are a community of individuals with rich and varied life experiences and academic knowledge. This diversity of our community and its interests is indispensable to the provision of the highest quality education in the liberal arts, sciences and engineering. There has never been a greater need for education that stimulates broad engagement with and understanding of people from diverse backgrounds. Our students come to us from, and will return to, a world that is globally interlinked—a world in which they will be expected to understand, serve, and work with people from diverse cultures and backgrounds. Many of our graduates will be called upon to be leaders in academia, business, the arts and government. To succeed in these roles they must experience and understand cultural and racial differences through an education enriched by learning from and with diverse faculty and fellow students.

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