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Interdepartmental Programs

Planning a Proposal

How Should I Begin?

The important characteristic of an interdepartmental major or minor is the exploration of an intellectually challenging theme examined through the lens of several disciplines.

Please note:If you are a second semester senior, you are not eligible to submit an interdepartmental proposal.

Once you have a preliminary idea for a major or minor, you should ask yourself: "Is it possible for me to follow a similar course of study through some combination of existing majors, minors or certificates?" If your answer is ‘yes’, then interdepartmental programs is not  a feasible option.

If you have determined that your interests cannot be met within the framework of existing programs, meet with an adviser in the Multidisciplinary Studies Center (Lattimore 203) in order to further explore your options. Be particularly careful when your area of interest has a professional as well as a liberal arts orientation. Degrees or minors of a pre-professional nature, e.g., pre-med or physical therapy, cannot be approved.

Meet with an adviser in the Multidisciplinary Studies Center to get started.