We moved to 107 Lattimore Hall.

Rochester Center for Community Leadership

Better Yourself ~ Better Your Community!

Our Mission

The Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL) educates students to become engaged citizens and leaders capable of effecting positive social change in their communities. Through sustainable university and community partnerships, the Center develops initiatives that cultivate the skills, experiences and resources necessary to achieve innovative solutions to complex societal issues. We envision a world in which people of diverse backgrounds collaborate to transform their communities. 

Toward this end, the Center coordinates initiatives in the areas of leadership, civic engagement and community service, connecting students with communities on campus, throughout Rochester, across the country and around the world. It employs a unique model of community leadership that supports the interest-driven nature of the curriculum.


  1. Faculty Mini-grants for Experiential Learning
  2. RCCL Receives Recognition For Outstanding Achievements in Community Leadership
  3. Compass to Personal Success Program
  4. Rising Leader Program (RLP) Mentor Application
  5. LEAP will be recruiting for Fall 2014 soon!
  6. Campus-Community Bridge Website