Rochester Center for Community Leadership

Develop Leadership

Leader to Leader Course

CAS 358 / CRN 75496 - 2 credits

Course Description

Leadership is one of the fundamental aspects of human nature. Though recognized throughout history, the study of leadership has grown immensely in the last half-century, leading us to one fundamental question. Can leadership be taught?

Leader to Leader will provide students with an opportunity to learn about leadership history, theory, and practice. It is not a leadership workshop, but rather a means through which you can better grasp the nuances of a complex and multi-faceted idea.

Leadership topics which will be explored through readings, lectures, and videos include leadership history, the influence of culture, gender, race, and ethnicity, negative and charismatic leadership, and emerging leadership models. Guest speakers, leaders within government, business, community development, education, and religion, will join class weekly to share their views on leadership.

This course can now be used to satisfy the requirements of the Citation for Achievement in College Leadership.