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Leadership Development

Medallion Program

The Medallion Program aims to educate student leaders by providing opportunities for intentional learning, self-reflection, and skill development. Students enrolled in the Medallion Program gain a strong sense of self-awareness, work effectively with others, and become civically and socially engaged. 

Program Design

The program is divided into three different levels, each building on the last:

Students can choose to complete all levels, some levels, or even just a few workshops. At any point you can move in and out of levels one or two, or choose to only take a few workshops.  

These workshops are grouped into one of the following six domains, which comprise the program’s foundation:

Advancing to level three requires the completion of levels one and two. Those who complete all levels will be welcomed into the Medallion Leadership Society! 

See the entire schedule of workshops or visit the sections on level one information or level two information. Workshops are on a first-come, first-served basis. Register for workshops online. For more information see our FAQ page


Students from all majors, class levels, and degrees of leadership experience are welcome. Participants have the freedom to choose events and programs that reflect their preferences. 


You can enroll in the Medallion Program by filling out the Enrollment Form.

All program progress is tracked on Campus Community Connection (CCC). Once you fill out the enrollment form it may take a few days for the Medallion Program to show up on your CCC page under the paths section.

Read the guide to using the Medallion Program on CCC for more information.


Feel free to register for and attend any level one or level two workshops, but be sure to keep track of those workshops as you wait for the Medallion Program to appear on your CCC page. Remember to track your level one and level two progress in the Medallion Program Path in CCC once you have access. If you have any questions, email

See the  Schedule of Workshops (PDF) for information about upcoming workshops.

If you have a workshop, event, or class that you would like to submit for Medallion eligibility, fill out this form. To co-sponsor a workshop, fill out this form.

To request Opening Session Level One (Understanding Leadership) or Opening Session Level Two (The Practice of Leadership) please fill out this form. You must have a minimum of ten people to request the workshops mentioned above.


Contact for more information.