Student Leadership Advisory Board (SLAB)


Established in 2005 through the Rochester Center for Community Leadership (RCCL), the Student Leadership Advisory Board (SLAB) is an undergraduate student group with a passion for leadership. SLAB was originally created to provide RCCL with feedback on campus leadership programs, promote the leadership community model, and assist with the planning and implementation of the annual UR/Paychex Leadership Institute. Today, SLAB serves as a resource to the University of Rochester student body as they seek to develop and enhance their leadership capabilities. While SLAB members have varying leadership styles and experiences, their self-motivation and passion for leadership drives their determination to help their peers succeed.

Mission: Dedicated to leadership, service, and civic engagement, the Student Leadership Advisory Board (SLAB) empowers their peers to become engaged members of the campus and surrounding communities, in an effort to achieve positive social change.

Values and Beliefs: SLAB adheres to the principles of the Social Change Model of Leadership; a model, which promotes the values ofequity, social justice, self-knowledge, personal empowerment, collaboration, citizenship, and service. We believe that:

  • Learning happens by making meaning of life experiences.
  • Leadership is Non-Positional – Being a leader does not mean holding an official position or title.
  • Service provides a powerful vehicle for developing student leadership capabilities in a collaborative environment.
  • Leadership is a process – with proper guidance, education, and training, anyone can develop their leadership capabilities and maximize their full potential.
  • Leadership is collaborative in nature – Groups are more effective when members are able to capitalize on each other’s talents and perspectives.

Goals & Objectives: Communities are strongest when their members are actively engaged; therefore, we strive to help our peers maximize their leadership potential through campus and community opportunities. In conjunction with RCCL, we:

  • Connect students to leadership, service, and civic engagement support services and resources.
  • Facilitate leadership skills workshops for individual students, student groups, and student organizations.
  • Participate in Leadership opportunities on other campuses, including the RIT Student Leadership Conference.


SLAB Coordinated Programming, Events, & Activities

  • Slingshot To Success
  • Milk & Cookies with RCCL 
  • Skills Workshops for UR/Leaders
  • UR/Paychex Leadership Institute

Current Members: This 2012-2013 Team is comprised of an amazing group of undergraduate students who were selected because of their commitment to effect positive social change within both the campus and Rochester City communities, as well as their dedication to engaging their Peers in Leadership, Community Service, and Civic Engagement opportunities both on and off campus.


Jacob Miller
Class: 2013 
Major: Health, Behavior & Society 
Minor: Spanish 
Fun Facts: Jake is a member of the Public Health Committee and an R.A. on Tiernan 3 Short! He spent the summer conducting research at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore, MD. Aside from medicine and health, his biggest interest is cars - he loves looking at cars, reading about them, and watching Top Gear. Jake enjoys reading, mountain biking, running, and watching movies in his free time, when not hanging out with friends. If you look closely, you may notice that his left eye is green and his right is blue. Jake also has a twin brother and is originally from Pittsburgh, PA.

Paige Iovine
Class: 2014
Intended Major: BCS & Music 
Intended Minor: Clinical Psychology 
Fun Facts: Paige is a member of the 2010 Cohort in the Compass to Personal Success program, Urban Exploring, Swing Dance Club, and the Chamber Choir. She plans to revive the Pagan Students' Community, to spread understanding and tolerance of Pagan and non-Pagan religions and spiritualities. Paige is also a major bio/music/history nerd with a supreme love of kittens.

Nobiru Suzuki
Class: 2013
Majors: Epidemiology and Psychology 
Minor: Music 
Nobiru is from Buffalo, NY and she is involved in multitude of organizations including Charles Drew Pre-Health Society, Grassroots, Psychology Undergraduate Council, SATSANG and Hatha Yoga Club. She is also a TA for organic chemistry lab and a tutor for the Center for Academic Services. She enjoys spending time with her friends, taking photos and going on a search for vintage items at thrift stores.   

Nick Giangreco
Class: 2015
Major: Biochemistry
Nick is very interested in doing scientific research, specifically computational biology projects. He is very good at time management and planning, which has allowed him to do well academically, use fully the resources given at the career center and the study abroad center, and also be involved in the Catholic Newman Community and various other groups on campus. He enjoys watching movies and having a good time with close friends, and will be studying abroad Spring 2013.

Daniel Wei
Class: 2015
Major: Economics & Business
Daniel is an “international” student from Vancouver, Canada which is probably the reason behind his exceptional tolerance for the rain. He is also the secretary for UR Entrepreneurs and the club sports representative for Men’s Volleyball Club. In his free time, Daniel enjoys playing sports, listening to music, chilling with friends, and taking power naps.


New Members:The Student Leadership Advisory Board is now accepting Applications for the 2013-2014 Team. All application materials MUST be submitted to Molly Sarubbi at

Contact Information: For more information about SLAB, please contact Molly Sarubbi, Graduate Assistant for Leadership Programs/SLAB Advisor.