Introduction to College Teaching

Teaching Preparation Workshop Series

This workshop series is aimed at graduate students and post-docs who will be teaching AS&E summer courses. Space permitting, it is open to other graduate students and post-docs interested in learning the basic of preparing to teach a college course.

The workshop offers hands-on experience designing course materials (including a syllabus) that instructors can use directly in their own teaching. Summer courses are short and highly condensed, and they typically enroll fewer students than academic-year courses. Consequently, they present special challenges to instructors, challenges that can be intensified when the instructor has little or no prior experience designing and implementing a course.

The Introduction to College Teaching workshop series typically consists of four half-day sessions during spring semester.

Topics to be addressed include:

  • Setting course objectives
  • Developing a syllabus
  • Designing a course that will appeal to students looking to meet requirements and engage their interests
  • Approaches to active learning
  • Assessment
  • Classroom dynamics
  • Communicating course goals and objectives to students
  • Developing effective teaching practices for small class contexts

By the end of the workshop, students will come away with a syllabus outlining course objectives, materials, and learning strategies that they can circulate to students on the first day of classes.

How to Register

Registration to the Introduction to College Teaching Workshop is currently closed.

For more information, please contact the Teaching Center.