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Global Engagement

Visiting Students and Scholars

Every year, the University accommodates hundreds of visiting students and scholars from the U.S. and all over the world.

They enrich our campus community by bringing additional perspectives to Rochester’s research and academic endeavors and help strengthen ties between the University and its partner institutions nationally and worldwide.

Our domestic and international visitors stay for short- or long-term periods—a few weeks, a semester, even a couple of years. Generally, visiting students come to further their degree studies while visiting scholars typically come for professional purposes. We help with registration, visa designations, documentation, information about living in Rochester, and more—all available online or electronically

The relationship an individual maintains with the University and the purpose of the visit are carefully evaluated to determine one’s invitation as a visiting student or visiting scholar. We typically distinguish between these populations as follows:

  • Visiting Students come to pursue activities of an educational or academic nature, often to further their undergraduate or graduate studies at their home institution. These individuals primarily benefit from learning new skills and techniques under direct supervision or mentorship. While at Rochester, they are registered as full-time, non-matriculated students and are eligible for standard UR support services.
  • Visiting Scholars come to pursue activities of a professional or collaborative nature, often related to research or publications of shared interests with Rochester colleagues. Visiting researchers or faculty are frequently professors, researchers, and other individuals with similar education or accomplishments, who benefit from temporary access to labs, equipment, and other University resources.


Visitor Resources

The Office for Global Engagement will coordinate logistics for onboarding visiting students and visiting scholars. This includes managing communication about the application, intake, and registration processes as well as providing the visitor with information about key needs and services such as living arrangements in Rochester, transportation, and health insurance. The International Services Office (ISO) will continue to provide essential visa-related services to those visitors requiring UR’s visa sponsorship.