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Global Engagement

For Visiting Students: Application Process

Visiting Students pursue activities of an educational or academic nature, often to further their undergraduate or graduate studies at their home institution.

These individuals primarily benefit from learning new skills and techniques under direct supervision or mentorship. While at Rochester, they are registered as full-time, non-matriculated students and are eligible for standard UR support services. For immigration purposes, international visiting students may be hosted under the F-1 Student (recommended) or J-1 Exchange Visitor visa categories.


For international visitors, it can take six months—sometimes longer—to formally complete the pre-arrival process. Because of the multiple University and government offices involved, we recommend you begin the visitor student/scholar registration process as early as possible. For domestic visitors, the general placement process averages one to three months.

How can I come to UR as a Visiting Student?

During the application and pre-arrival phase, you must complete a series of online forms in order to prepare the paperwork for your arrival, including visa information if you are not a U.S. citizen or permanent resident.

  1. Secure a faculty sponsor. If you are considering visiting the University as a visiting student or visiting scholar, you should have already discussed this placement with a specific UR faculty member who will sponsor your visit. This faculty member submits a form to the University for review and approval, officially starting the application process at UR. NOTE: The Office of Global Engagement does not typically facilitate “matches” between students and University faculty. It is your responsibility to connect with a Rochester faculty member prior to contacting us or submitting a visiting student/visiting researchers or faculty application.
  2. Complete the Online Application as soon as possible.
    This application provides us with your background information and plans for your time at Rochester. Remember to include your CV, copy of your passport, and any institutional financial information (if applicable) by attaching these items to your Online Application.
  3. Receive and sign your Letter of Offer and Intellectual Property Agreement from the hosting faculty member.
    Review this letter carefully, sign it, and return it to Office of Global Engagement via email or mail (specific instructions on how to return this letter will be contained in the letter itself). Once you submit the signed letter and IP Agreement, you will receive information about housing, transportation, health insurance, and more. NOTE: For visitors coming on a B visa category, the rest of these instructions do not apply to you.
  4. Receive your I-20/DS-2019 from your host department, along with your University Health Services Form.
  5. Now you can apply for your visa.
    If you have additional questions about your visa or the process, contact the International Services Office (ISO).
  6. Submit your visa documents for processing and then inform ISO that you have done so.
  7. Visiting students must complete the University Health Services Form while waiting for your visa to be processed.
    Review this information carefully. It must be completed prior to your arrival on campus. Fill out the form, and then fax to “Attention: Steve Witzberger” at +1-585-756-0263 or email a copy to University Health Services (UHS) at All of the accompanied forms submitted must be in English. NOTE: If your initial faxed or emailed form has been approved, you may bring the original hard copy with you to Rochester.Due to New York State regulations, you may be required to receive immunizations in order to remain on campus at UR. Also, if you will be at the University for more than eight weeks, you need to have adequate health insurance.
  8. Receive your visa and then inform the Office of Global Engagement immediately.
    The office then provides you with additional information about next steps. If you have any visa-related issues, notify ISO.
  9. Arrive on campus!

Questions or concerns? Contact us at or +1 585-273-1665.


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