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Global Engagement

GVP Financial Requirement

GVP Financial Requirement for Visiting Students

Summer 2017 – Spring 2018


*Add $10/semester activity fee if graduate student in AS&E
*Add $275/semester activity fee if undergraduate student in AS&E

Template NameProgram DurationTotal Proof of Funding $
GVP 011 Months$1,989
GVP 1.51.5 Months$2,888
GVP 022 Months$3,970
GVP 033 Months$5,805
GVP 044 Months$7,640
GVP 055 Months$9,650
GVP 066 Months$11,585
GVP 077 Months$13,445
GVP 088 Months$15,280
GVP 099 Months$17,115
GVP 1010 Months$19,225
GVP 1111 Months$21,060
GVP 1212 Months$22,895