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Focusing on high-energy-density physics

About Us

Leading the effort to study extreme matter

Our Academics

Bridging chemistry, engineering, physics, and astronomy

Our Research


High-energy-density physics lets us study and understand how atoms react under extremely high-pressure conditions.

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Laser Lab

The Laboratory for Laser Energetics is home to the OMEGA laser, the world’s largest university-based laser.

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Degree Programs

We offer PhD programs with concentrations in high-energy-density physics, plasma physics, and inertial confinement fusion studies.

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A rendering of HADES, showing the high-energy-density capacitors (white) and the load region (red and blue) inside the vacuum vessel (gray). The whole machine, which will allow scientists to study extreme matter, can be controlled using an iPad, shown next to the vacuum vessel for scale. (University illustration / Pierre Gourdain)

Feature Story

Rochester leads multi-institutional effort to study “extreme matter”

The University is collaborating with Cornell, Michigan, Idaho State, Iowa, Princeton, and Stanford to develop an instrument called a high amperage driver for extreme states, or HADES, which will allow scientists to produce and study extreme matter. The project is fully supported by a $1.1 million grant from the National Science Foundation.

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