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Grading is an important part of faculty responsibilities. Below is information about:

See the policy page for a list of grading policies. All grades should follow the Arts, Sciences, and Engineering (AS&E) Grading Scheme or School of Nursing (SON) Grading Scheme.

Spring 2020 Grading

Grading for Spring 2020 opens on Wednesday, April 29th, the last day of classes. Senior grades and grades for master's degree candidates are due no later than noon on Tuesday, May 12th.  ALL remaining grades for Spring 2020 are due NO LATER THAN Tuesday, May 19th 2020 at 4 p.m.

Confidentiality of Graded Material

The Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) gives students a right of privacy regarding grades in courses and on individual assignments. It has been determined with the University's counsel that privacy issues arise when tests or papers are returned in class or put in boxes outside office doors.

Below are permissible ways to return graded material:

  • Return the graded material in envelopes, with only the student's name visible. (Note: You are not allowed to have students look through a pile of exams or papers, even if the grades are not on the cover page.)
  • Return the graded material in discussion sections or labs, where instructors can hand it directly to students.
  • Have TAs return graded material directly to smaller groups of students during or after lecture.
  • Have students pick up graded material at a departmental office.
  • Seal the blue book or paper with envelope seals. No grades or comments should be visible until the seal is broken.

Entering Grades Online

You can enter your grades online though the instructor ACCESS tab in UR ACCESS PLUS! in Blackboard. You will need your NetID and password to login.

Once you’re logged in to Blackboard, follow the steps below to enter your grades:

  1. Select the “Instructor” tab at the top of the page.
  2. Click on “Grading," then select the correct semester from the drop down box.
  3. Click on the title of the course that you want to grade.
  4. Enter the grades in the “GRADE ENTRY” column. You can use the tab key to go easily to the next student.
    1. If you enter an invalid grade, such as an A+, you will receive an error message such as “A+ is an invalid grade.”
    2. All grades should follow the AS&E Grading Scheme or SON Grading Scheme.
  5. After you have entered the grades, click on the button labeled: “Submit Grades.” At this point the grades will be sent to the student information system and further edit checks will be performed.
  6. If any errors/warnings remain, you will be prompted to correct them. The specific error will be under the “MESSAGE” column next to the grade in question. You can make changes to grades to correct errors at this point, and then click on “Submit Grades” again.

Once you are finished grading one group, click on the link labeled “Return to grade selection screen for this course.” This will take you back to the group(s) of students to grade. Do NOT click the back button.

If there are no additional groups of students to grade, and you do not plan to make any changes before the end of the grading period, you need to “seal” the roster. To seal the roster, click on “Would you like to seal the grades for this course?” and then click on “Enter grades for selected group or seal grades.” Once you seal a roster, the status is reflected on the list of your courses in the column “Grades Due/Sealed.” No changes can be made to the roster once it has been sealed!

If you left some grades blank, you will not be able to seal the roster. If you intended to leave some grades temporarily blank at this point, you can continue.

To return to the list of your courses, click on the link: “Return to my Courses.” From here you can select another course/section to grade.

Having trouble with ACCESS? See the instructor ACCESS Plus! page.

Common Issues

Student’s Name Does Not Appear on Roster

If a student’s name does not appear on your roster, you need to click on the “grade student not on grade roster” link at the bottom of the “Grade Roster” page, and on the “Grade Selection” page.

Student Has Never Attended/Stopped Attending

If there is a student who has never attended or who has stopped attending, you should submit a grade of “N” for this student. Select a reason for assigning the “N” grade and write an optional comment.

Writing Deficiencies

If you believe that a student’s writing was deficient in this course, click on the dash in the WD column.

Audited Course Failure

If a student has audited your course, but you do not feel that they have participated to the extent that his or her record should reflect the audited course, you should submit an “N” grade for the student. 

Note: Audited courses do not appear on student transcripts. They appear on internal records only.

Grade Changes

It is possible to change a student’s grade after you have sealed the roster. If it is prior to the first Monday following commencement, call (585) 275-2440 or (585) 275-5572 and your roster will be unsealed.

If it is after that date, you must submit the change in writing to Lattimore 127.