We Will Return Shortly

As you may have noticed, this has been a pretty slow week . . . We’re taking off for the holidays, but will be back next week with more profiles of the 25 books on the Best Translated Book of 2008 fiction longlist, and a write-up about the sixth Open Letter spring 2009 title, Merce Rodoreda’s Death in Spring. (Which is AMAZING.)

This weekend, I’ll be at the MLA Convention in San Francisco—if anyone reading this is going to be there as well, please e-mail me at chad.post at rochester dot edu, and I can give you info about the University of Rochester/Open Letter reception taking place on Monday the 29th. I’ll have copies of our new spring catalog . . .

And speaking of catalogs, we recently updated the Open Letter website. It’s a bit of a redesign (especially the opening page and the catalog) and now includes info about all of our spring titles.

Happy Holidays to everyone, and we’ll be back up to full speed after the first of the year.

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