BTBA 2020 Readings!

For the first time in the thirteen (!!) year history of the Best Translated Book Awards, we were able to host a reading for all fifteen of the finalists. With translators, authors, and editors participating, this event was incredibly fun and entertaining, and a perfect way to familiarize yourself with all of these titles.

You can purchase all of the books from your local store, from your favorite online retailer, or via Bookshop.org. I made these two lists (fiction, poetry) so that you can browse all of the finalists at once. (All commissions earned via sales from Bookshop.org will be donated to BINC.)

Also, RSVP now to watch Friday’s live awards announcement!! 6pm Eastern on May 29th, we’ll be back with all of the judges to give one last push for the fifteen finalists and to unveil the two winning titles!

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