TMR 19.11 “Exit and No Return and Gone Forever” [THE REMEMBERED PART]

Kaija Straumanis guest stars on this episode in which we discuss brain tumors, memory loss, the true story behind the story of The Impossible Story sending the exwriter into exile, whether of not Saint George is a saint (and dragons), paternity, and the next Fresán book to come out from Open Letter, Melvill.

This week’s music is “UFO” by Veps.

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You can purchase each of the books in the trilogy separately (InventedDreamedRemembered, OR, if you don’t have them and are ready for the reading event of 2023, then get The Part Trilogy for $40—approximately 30% off.

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The large image associated with this post is from the U.S. Government and, I assume, copyrighted by them.

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