TMR 19.12: “Fill Up with Karmas” [THE REMEMBERED PART]

Brian returns to help breakdown the ending to Rodrigo Fresán’s “Part Triptych.” Is it earned? Is it sincere?? Is this all a Jacob’s Ladder scenario??? Chad and Brian debate that along with concepts of time in fiction, the Karmas, the wetness of Latvian meat, Melvill and Mulligan Stew. Fun is had as this long, amazing Fresán journey comes to a close . . .

This week’s music is “Big Sky” by The Kinks—a throwback to TMR season one.

Stay tuned for the Mulligan Stew schedule, which will drop this weekend. And get the book now!

You can purchase each of the books in the trilogy separately (InventedDreamedRemembered, OR, if you don’t have them and are ready for the reading event of 2023, then get The Part Trilogy for $40—approximately 30% off.

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