TMR 22.2: “God Donkey” [Praiseworthy]

From discussion of Ohio and disturbing news about everyone’s favorite Australian export, this episode skirts talking too deeply about Alexis Wright’s Praiseworthy  (New Directions, And Other Stories, Giramondo) to discuss challenges of getting into particular books, what the purpose of this podcast is in trying to assist in that and get whatever it is we get out of finishing something we might otherwise give up on. (We’re not giving up on this book! Just a meta-commentary.)

Also: The University of Rochester’s wifi was all screwed up during the recording. Most of the big gaps have been erased, but it is a bit choppy at the start, for which we apologize.

This week’s music is “If Not Now, Then When?” by Australia’s own King Gizzard & the Lizard Wizard.

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Tune in next week for more banter and analysis live on YouTube where we will be covering pages 133-198.

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