TMR 22.9: “One Donkey at a Time” [Praiseworthy]

Like a first time marathon runner, Chad, Brian, and Kaija are losing steam this season, but persist in talking about the book and their mixed feelings. They do learn some things about donkeys and mules though! And they set up next week’s game: each co-host will draft five books from the twenty-two seasons of the podcast which would constitute a reading list (and listening list) for a college class. Then, y’all get to vote on which class you’d be most excited to take. Tune in live next week—it’s going to be wild.

This week’s music is “B.I.N.G.O. (Sound System Remix)” from Australia’s worst gift to the world—The Wiggles!

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Tune in next week for more banter and analysis live on YouTube where we will finish this book.

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