University of Rochester

About the Candidates for the 2014-15

Faculty Senate Election

Michael Anderson - Musicology, ESM Profile: Michael Anderson

Paul Brookes - Anesthesiology, SMD Profile: Paul Brookes

Mary Jane Curry - Teaching & Curriculum, Warner Profile: Mary Jane Curry

Richard Demme - Medicine, SMD Profile: Richard Demme

Sandhya Dwarkadas - Computer Science, AS&E Profile: Sandhya Dwarkadas

Thomas Eickbush - Biology, AS&E Profile: Thomas Eickbush

Michael Gage - Mathematics, AS&E Profile: Michael Gage

Harry Groenevelt - Business Administration, Simon Profile: Harry Groenevelt

David Herrmann - Neurology, SMD Profile: David Herrmann

Beth Jorgensen - Modern Languages & Cultures, AS&E Profile: Beth Jorgensen

Daniel Mendelson - Medicine, Highland Hospital, SMD Profile: Daniel Mendelson

Carl Mueller - Mathematics, AS&E Profile: Carl Mueller

Tatiana Pasternak - Neurobiology & Anatomy, SMD Profile: Tatiana Pasternak

Lizabeth Romanski - Neurobiology & Anatomy, SMD Profile: Lizabeth Romanski

Gaurav Sharma - Electrical & Computer Engineering, AS&E Profile: Gaurav Sharma

Mark Shelly - Medicine, SMD Profile: Mark Shelly

Randall Stone - Political Science, AS&E Profile: Randall Stone

Andrew Wall - Educational Leadership, Warner Profile: Andrew Wall

Jackie Williams - Environmental Medicine, SMD Profile: Jackie Williams