University of Rochester


Protein Synthesis

The Synthesis Cluster exists to promote interactions within a diverse group of University of Rochester scientists interested in the broadly-defined area of protein synthesis and translation regulation. Currently, monthly meetings attract over 30 regular participants, including graduate students, postdoctoral fellows, and faculty members from the River and Medical School campuses. The list of participating laboratories includes groups from Biochemistry & Biophysics at the URMC, the Department of Medicine/Aab Cardiovascular Institute, the Department of Dermatology, URMC, and the Department of Biology from the College of Arts, Sciences & Engineering.  The Synthesis Cluster will host focused discussions with students and faculty on new publications in the field and to provide a forum for the presentation of novel research proposals and foster novel collaborations and scholarly activities.  Feedback on the papers and proposals will be invaluable in refining ideas, and in exposing and engaging students in the development of ideas for research projects. In addition, the Cluster will facilitate brainstorming discussions of the most challenging and important topics in the field. Such feedback is very important for successful grant applications, and will provide regular opportunities to discuss new grant ideas in an open forum.