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Financing an Education

Anticipated Expenses

The cost of attendance comprises the Financial Aid Office's estimates of the direct costs students can expect to pay to the University and the indirect educational costs that they will incur. Direct costs include items such as tuition and fees as well as room and board. Indirect costs, or those costs that do not appear on a student billing statement, include books and supplies, transportation, and personal expenses.

The estimated cost of attendance an upcoming academic year is posted once approved by the Board of Trustees on the Financial Aid Office’s website.  Please note that students who commute during the academic year typically have a cost of attendance significantly less than a student who lives on campus due to differences in room and board costs.

Auxiliary Services

University policy requires that parking, food, bookstore, and housing services—services that are used selectively and substantially as matters of individual preference—be sustained by the fees and other charges paid by those who use them, including provisions for depreciation, replacement of equipment, and maintenance. Those services, therefore, are self-supporting and not supported by the University’s tuition and other educational income.

Fixed Costs

Tuition and fees for full-time undergraduates in the College is $55,040 for the 2019–2020 academic year. (Please note that tuition and fees for the Eastman School of Music and the School of Nursing will vary.) A room in a campus residence, double occupancy, is $10,090 per year. The most comprehensive board plan is $6,580 per year. Freshmen incur a one-time charge of $312 for meals and accommodations during orientation.

A mandatory health fee of $636 per year is charged to all full-time students.

All students pay an activity fee, which is established annually by the student government. The fee is $310 for the 2019–2020 academic year. In addition, all resident students pay a social fee of $14 for the academic year.

All students accepted into the Edmund A. Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences become responsible for two years of equipment fees. These fees are normally assessed in the junior and senior years at a rate of $522 per semester.

In addition to fixed costs, undergraduates should expect to pay an average of $1,310 for books and supplies, $1,080 for personal expenses.

The College: Fixed Cost Summary 2019-2020









Fees (approximately)


Total Annual Fixed Cost


*Other plans available.

NOTE: Noncredit course fees. All persons attending noncredit courses must pay fees as announced for these courses.

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