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Faculty Committees

The Faculty Council, Faculty Council's Steering Committee and the College Curriculum Committee (CCC) provide a formal process for the review and approval of proposals on behalf of the faculty.

Per the College Rules, the charge of each committee is as follows:

Faculty Council

  • To act in the name of the faculty, on any matter in which the faculty has jurisdiction except in the award of degrees and distinctions;
  • Through its Steering Committee, to appoint all Standing Committees of the Faculty to which the faculty has delegated some part of its authority;
  • To review proposals for any new undergraduate programs that are approved by the CCC and the Steering Committee, and be informed of any program modifications;
  • To review any new policy or policy change within the College, the School of Arts and Sciences, or the Hajim School of Engineering and Applied Sciences.

Steering Committee of the Faculty Council

  • To assist the Dean of Faculty in preparing an agenda for meetings of the faculty and the Council;
  • To appoint all those faculty committees to which the faculty has delegated part of its authority, such as the Graduate Committee or Administrative Committee;
  • To review proposals for new and modified undergraduate programs that are approved by the College Curriculum Committee;
  • To appoint and hear reports of other committees or study commissions as it, or the Council, or the faculty, or the dean thinks appropriate.
  • The authority of the Steering Committee in no way infringes on the right of the Dean of the Faculty to appoint other committees, standing or ad hoc, for the purpose of advice or assistance. However, faculty authority for action may be delegated only to those committees appointed by the Steering Committee for such purpose.

Most recently, the Steering Committee and Faculty Council reviewed and approved a new professional track for non-tenure track faculty, titled the Instructional Faculty Track. The committees also reviewed and approved a revision of the membership, terms, and election process for the Steering Committee and Council, which will be in effect in spring 2019 when the election process for representatives will take place.

College Curriculum Committee (CCC)

  • To review all newly proposed undergraduate programs (e.g., minors and majors) as well as modifications to existing programs;
  • To concern itself with general graduation requirements, including the primary and upper-level writing requirements;
  • To authorize newly proposed clusters;
  • To continually monitor the general educational principles and evaluate the curricular consequences of those requirements;
  • To recommend changes to the Faculty Council that it believes will enhance undergraduate education.