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AS&E Faculty

Faculty Governance

Faculty engage with governance issues throughout their activities and experiences within AS&E and the College. Most directly, this occurs through faculty involvement in faculty meetings, recruitment committees for faculty and graduate students, and curriculum review committees.

At the level of AS&E and the College, various formal committees and more ad hoc arrangements exist to give faculty the opportunity to provide feedback and direction on academic policy and practice. Formal committees include those listed on the Faculty Committees page, which also lists each committee's formal charge. Recent ad hoc committees have focused on review of the Rochester Curriculum, evaluation of learning management systems, and usage of classrooms and common spaces in buildings (e.g., Rettner Hall). Many of the decisions made by committee members in academic and co-curricular affairs are informed by the College Rules below.

College Rules: Table of Contents

Part A—The Faculty, the Council, and the Committees

Part B—Undergraduate Students and Their Activities

Part C—Graduate Studies (currently under revision)

Part D—Miscellaneous

Appendix I—Academic Leave Request Guidelines

Appendix II—Instructional Track Faculty

Appendix III—Tenure and Promotion Guidelines

Appendix IV—Non-tenure Track Faculty Titles and Criteria for Use