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Fellowships Office

Fulbright Scholarship Competition

UR Campus Calendar

2020-21 Academic Year

Below are the important dates to be aware of for the Fulbright campus endorsement process. These deadlines are necessarily earlier than the national due dates to ensure that candidates as well as the Campus Evaluation Committee have adequate time to attend to all aspects of the application, review, endorsement, and submission processes.

Please be advised that before we nominate you or endorse your candidacy for a fellowship competition, we will perform a conduct and academic honesty check to confirm that you are in good disciplinary and academic standing.

Make phone, Skype, or in-office appointment by calling (585) 276-5869.  Please email to request a Skype appointment ONLY if you are away from campus for the term or have already graduated.

All deadlines are 11:59 p.m. unless otherwise indicated; earlier submission is encouraged.


Meet with Fellowships Office to discuss profile and application strategy.


Prepare application essays and discuss with Fellowships Office, faculty advisors, and other mentors.




Recommended deadline for the Prospective Applicant Form and the Fellowships Preliminary Questionnaire (FPQ), required for all candidates seeking application guidance from the Fellowships Office and endorsement by the campus committee. After submission, please contact the Fellowships Office to schedule a consultation.


Preferred deadline for the Fulbright Application Planning Tool.




FIRST DRAFT of Fulbright online application due, including essays. Please do NOT upload UR transcripts or academic record at this time. Recommendations are not due until August. Be sure to label your essay drafts per the application instructions.

Project proposal:

  • 1 single-spaced page for ETA
  • 2 single-spaced pages for study/research projects

Personal essay: 1 single-spaced page for all candidates

Submit Fulbright online application via the Fulbright application manager. See also the UR-specific page within the Fulbright website.



SECOND DRAFT of Fulbright online application due, including essays.

Please do NOT upload UR transcripts or academic record at this time.  Recommendations are not due until August.


Last day to submit application for first-time feedback from the Fellowships Office. If you begin the application process late and are submitting your materials for the first time we cannot guarantee a second review of your application before the August submission deadline.

All applications must be discussed with the Fellowships Office and revised at least once in order to be presented to the Campus Evaluation Committee.



REVISED online application & essays due for presentation to Campus Evaluation Committee. 


  • Enrolled Students: Upload the UR Transcript Key only; please do NOT upload UR transcripts at this time.
  • Graduate & Medical Students: Only upload transcripts from institutions other than UR at this time. Also upload the UR Transcript Key; please do NOT upload UR transcripts at this time.
  • Alumni: Upload your final UR transcript; be sure to include the UR Transcript Key.


RECOMMENDATIONS (Recommendations are required in advance of the national deadline for campus endorsement process):

  • ETA Candidates: All three ETA Reference Forms should be submitted via the Fulbright application manager. See ETA recommendation instructions.
  • Full Grant Candidates: All three full grant reference letters should be provided on letterhead with a current date and uploaded to the Fulbright application system. If there are egregious issues with a letter that the committee believes warrant attention, the Fellowships Office will notify the referee and ask them to take the necessary steps to have the letter unsubmitted so it may be edited. See Full Grant recommendation instructions.

Late August – September

Campus Evaluation Committee review of applications and candidate interviews.





  • Letters of affiliation / invitation (for study/research and arts projects as necessary) must be written on official letterhead and signed. Email letter as attachment directly to Fellowships Office ONLY if not already included in online application.


  • If a foreign language evaluation is necessary, evaluators will need to complete and submit the language assessment form via the Fulbright online application system. See Language Evaluation instructions.
September 11th–25th

Campus endorsement interviews.


Post-interview meetings with Fellowships Office to discuss final application revisions in preparation for national submission.

Make sure your academic record is up-to-date/complete and request UR transcript in advance of the October deadline.




Campus deadline for submission of complete, revised, and FINAL online application, including ALL supporting materials (e.g., references, affiliation letters, transcripts).