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What are fellowships and who are they for?

Fellowships are merit-based academic awards granted through national and international competitions. These awards are not funded by the University but rather by a variety of sponsors, such as the federal government, private philanthropies, and in some cases foreign governments. The Rhodes Scholarship is the most well known and highly coveted of these awards, but there are many other prestigious fellowships for students at various stages of their undergraduate education, specializing in a wide variety of disciplines, and with diverse future study and career goals.

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What are the selection criteria?

In addition to academic distinction and scholarly promise, selection factors often include extracurricular involvement, leadership ability, community engagement, future aspirations, and character.

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How do I decide which awards to apply for and when?

Examination of program goals and requirements along with candid self-assessment is required to identify the most appropriate scholarship or fellowship for an individual student. The Director of Fellowships can provide guidance. Getting an early start on this process (a semester to one year in advance) is key to ensuring that you do not miss out on wonderful opportunities that may lead to greater intellectual and personal growth, financial rewards, and national and campus recognition of your achievements.

Be sure to check not only the links for your current class year but also for the year ahead.

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How do I find out more, get nominated, and obtain help with applications?

This website is designed to provide basic information on selected programs, notify you of campus application procedures and timelines, and point you towards additional resources that may prove helpful in your quest for a national or international academic award.

Interested students may also learn about fellowships opportunities by attending a general information session in the fall or spring. In addition, students may meet individually with Ms. Belinda Redden, Director of Fellowships.

The Director of Fellowships uses an e-mail list to inform high-achieving students of fellowships opportunities and encourage them to apply. Faculty and administrators also recommend students for awards.

Ms. Redden also oversees the campus nomination process when students must be formally nominated by the University in order to compete for a national award. Whether a program allows a student to apply directly or requires University nomination, Ms. Redden assists students throughout the application process.

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