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Barth-Crapsey Undergraduate Research Awards

Past Recipients

The following list of Barth-Crapsey Award recipients indicates the wide range of projects undertaken by students in the last few years.

Barth-Crapsey Award Recipients 1993-Present
RecipientFirst NameAdvisorTitleYear
CifciMuhammed KafiJack PaineImpact of Generalized Morality on Democratic Institutional QualitySpring 2017
ChauShing YanG. Bingham PowellAgenda Setting Model, Governance/Policymaking & ChinaSpring 2014
McCabeTaylorRussell PeckInternship in English: Adaptations of Children's LiteratureSpring 2013
FuKai LinHarry ReisImplicit Self Esteem: Effects on Closeness, Friendships and Relationship SatisfactionSpring 2013
ChauShing YanTheodore BrownGlobal Health Governance: How Power Politics Between the United States and the Soviet Union Affected the Development of the World Health OrganizationSpring 2012
GardellaJosephCatherine CerulliCollege Victimization and Adjustment: Coping Styles and Social Support as Protective BuffersSpring 2011
JiangHuangRonald HansenEffective Financial Management at the City of Rochester GovernmentSpring 2010
LechmanAlexandraStuart JordanBiases in the Uniform Code of Military JusticeSpring 2010
PopeAndrewThomas JacksonThe Confederate Attorneys General: A Phantom Supreme Court in the South Taking on Slavery and the DraftSummer 2010
SquiresLeah Stories of Malawi: Exploring the Music and Voices of the Malawian People2009 Summer
CohenAbbegail Effects and Moderators of Perceived Parent-Child Capitalization2009 Spring
GraffKimberly The Effects of Learned Helplessness on the Relationship between Attachment Style and Willingness to Compromise When Choosing a Mate2009 Spring
VelickovicMaria The Implications of Comparing the Romantic Relationships of Actual Friends on the Relationship Superiority Effect2009 Spring
GaronJonathanC. ApplegateA Long Way Home – One Soldier's Reflection from a World of Way2007-2008
ChamneyBrynnA. EmmettThe Women of Rwanda Raising a Generation of Orphans and Re-Building Culture2007-2008
StewartBobbiD. HarperQualitative Study on the Events of Combat in Afghanistan and Iraq and How They Affect and Influence the Life of a Soldier2006 Spring
BaileyJesseV. WolcottBuilding the Negro Capital of the World, The Transformation of Harlem, 1900-19112005-2006
BoyerSamR.W. KaeuperLegislating Order, 1100-14540: Law and Lawlessness in the High Middle Ages2005-2006
JasonAdlerE. DeciPredicting Attachment Security: The Signifance of Parental Conditional Regard and Need Satisfaction2005 Summer/Fall
IsraelDanK. KowalkeMusical Theater Writing2005 Spring
SchneiderSarahH. ReisThe Effect of Responses to Positive Events and the Building of Social Resources2005 Spring
FeldblyumJoshuaDeci, E.The Influence of Rule Enforcement on Attitude Toward Those Rules2004-2005 (AY)
PoiarkoffJohnDeci, E.Mutuality in Romantic Relationships: The Benefits of Giving and Receiving Autonomy Support2004-2005 (AY)
GaleJessicaCarter, A.Realizing the Songs of Erin: The Negotiated Meaning of Irish Folk Music in the Irish-American Context2004 Spring
McCormickChristopherReis, H.Emotional Schematicity and Interpersonal Relationships2004 Spring
SamlerCorinneIlardi, B.The Relationship Between Sexual Activity, Shame, and Self-Esteem with Religiosity as a Moderator2004 Spring
SobtiDeepakBrown, T.The Polio Eradication Campaign: An Imminent Success Story2004 Spring
BarnesSeanBrown, K. W.Mindfulness and Emotion in Romantic Relationships2003-2004 (AY)
KornfeldMosheFoster, RobertThe Kosher Food Industry: Big Business and the Divine Imperative2003-2004 (AY)
QuinnMaureenGunlogso, ChristineCode-switching in African-American Oral Histories2003-2004 (AY)
VarkovitskyRuthAube, JenniferDomestic Violence, Unmitigated Communion, and Depression: A Shelter Study2003-2004 (AY)
VitaleAlfredMuller-Ortega, Paul E.A Survey of "The Equinox" (1911-1913): A Critical Body of Texts Illustrating A Modernist Development within Western Esoteric Religious Traditions2003-2004 (AY)
WalkerSarahMcDonough, JoyceAn Investigation of Discourse in Bilingual Navajo Speakers2003-2004 (AY)
DewanRadhikaFoster, R.From Ms. India to Ms. World: Global Beauty Corporations and the Battle Over Indian Identity2002 Fall
KlassenSusanRyan, R. Aube, J.Effects of Parental Styles and Birth Order on Unmitigated Communion2002-2003 (AY)
Morrissey-OttRachelIlardi, B. Zuckerman, M.The Effect of Education on Rape Myth Acceptance2002-2003 (AY)
ReiterMichaelReis, H.The Implicit Association Test: An Implicit Prediction of Relationship Dissolution and Longevity2002-2003 (AY)
SaahVictoriaWilliams Brown, J.A Study in Pitch Identification2002-2003 (AY)
SubramanianRajenPowell, G. B.Are Class Cleavages at the Root of All Cleavages Causing Conflict: A Case Study of Six Indian States2002 Summer/Fall
ChallengerScottHomerin, E. & Logenbach, J.Poems and Essays on Spirituality and Mysticism: A Creative Analysis & Synthesis of the Poetry of World Religions2002 - 2003 (AY)
LeutheEileenIlardi, B.Leadership, Legitimacy and Gender2002 Spring
StephensLaFleurHarris, F.Racial Identity and Political Attitudes Among the Post-Civil Rights Generation2002 Spring
MuccariBellaWolf, E.Ansel Adams and the University of Rochester: Negotiating for Art2001 Summer/Fall
FolkesPaulaJohnson, J.School Prayer and the Tradition of a Christian America: Towards a New Understanding of Theology as a Motivator for Political Action2001 Spring
GillRahuldeepBrooks, D.Borders: Diversity, Difference, and Identity in Punjab2001 Spring
HallHeatherBasu, A. & Brooks, R.A Religious and Cultural Analysis of India's Attitudes Towards the Environmental2001 Spring
HarkenriderZachWestbrook, R.From The Culture of Narcissism to The True and Only Heaven: Christopher Lasch and his Critics2001 Spring
JasineviciusAlainaSeiberling, G.New Directions in Museum Education: A Comparative Study of Institutional Responses to the Age of Information2001 Spring
RulisonKellyLevesque, C.Teaching Assistants' Motivational Orientations and Effect on Students' Performance, Intrinsic Motivation, and Long-term Conceptual Understanding Illustrated By Their Students2001 Spring
BenardStephenSmith, T.A Neurosociological Investigation of Network Behaviors2000 Fall
FechterJillMerideth, A.The Cult of Pythagoras: Transformations of Kosmos in the Hellenistic World2000 Fall
WallisChristopherMuller-Ortega, P.The Historical Development of the Non-dual Philosophical Systems of Kashmir, India2000 Fall
CleghornKerriRyan, R.Female Serial Killers2000 Spring
GottesmanBrianConklin, A.The King of Zion2000 Spring
King & HeathHeathra ClareGibson, T.Group Identification and Self-Segregation on the University of Rochester Campus2000 Spring
MazucciElizabethHomerin, E.Pyramids, Temples, and Spaceships: The Nuwaubians' Attempt to Reclaim the Past2000 Spring
QuinnPatrickWestbrook, R.American Catholic Responses to Civilian Bombing in the Second World War2000 Spring
RupertMaxSmith, ThomasCognitive Neurosociology2000 Spring
FaheyCatherineHomerin, E.The Popular Sainthood of El Cid1999 - 2000 (AY)
GlassbergJeffreyOutram, D.Scientific Dialogue and The Scientific Revolution1999 Summer/Fall
HerndonHillaryHahn, T.The Outlaw King, an Operetta1999 Summer/Fall
RydstromJustinPowell, L.The Presidential Primary Process: A Study of New Hampshire’s First-in-the-Nation Contest1999 Summer/Fall
ThomsSabrinaWalsh, D.The Striker-Daugherty House: Historical Research and Archaeological Artifacts of a 19th Century Farmhouse (newspaper article)1999 Summer/Fall
AsherEvanReis, H.Capitalization on Positive Events in Relationships1999 Spring
DowellKristenKaeuper, R.A Nod to the Ancestors: Innovation in Contemporary Pueblo Pottery1999 Spring
HanleyJenniferBorus, D.The Impact of the Flower City Conspiracy on Rochester Anti-Vietnam Activism: An Analysis of Community Organization and Protest, 1970-19711999 Spring
ZellerBenjaminGreen, Wm. S.Heaven's Gate: Religion or Cult?1999 Spring
AllenKristenKaeuper, R.The Irish Church Before and After the English1998 Summer/Fall
CarboniKevinPeck, R.Hands of Glory, Hands of Grace! Deconstructing the Difference Between the Mystical Philosophy of the Occult and the Mystical Philosophy of the Church in the Middle Ages1998 Summer/Fall
EvertBradleyHalle, R.Homosexual Subculture in Weimar Germany1998 Summer/Fall
PrzybylaSarahmonaJacobs, B.Religious Hospital Mergers and the Implications for Reproductive Health Care Services1998 Summer/Fall
SchottJeremyCadorette, C.Early Christian Attitudes Towards War and the Military1998 Summer/Fall
TerniClareFoster, R.River Park Development - Then and Now1998 Summer/Fall
HelfrichJoelKaeuper, R.The Knight and the English Gentleman: A Study of Chivalry and the Boy Scouts1998 Spring
RainsRachelRubin1930s Political Film in the United States1998 Spring
RubeckTracieWestbrookNo Laughing Matter: The Comedies of World War II and the American Moral Imagination1998 Spring
TranLienPerkinsAn International Comparison of Health Care Policy for the Asian Ethnic Minority1998 Spring
YoungClintonApplegateComposing Under a Totalitarian Baton1998 Spring
BoltonRyanBrownAn Environmental History of the Genesee River: The Interaction of Law, Industry, and Nature1997 Summer/Fall
VillaMichaelBurdsThe Use of Repatriates in American Intelligence1997 Summer/Fall
KarnikAnkurHarperAttitudes About End-of-Life Care1997 Summer/Fall
CaponeKeriMiddletonOrality in Music Education1997 Spring
BarzidehNazaninHomerinReligious Traditions of Iranian Jews in Iran and the United States1997 Spring
CugaljAdamRamsey"'The Bean Lady': The Life of Mrs. Iowne Anderson of the Iroquoian Nation"1996 Summer/Fall
DowdMichelleKaeuper"The Stonor Letters and the Wars of the Roses"1996 Summer/Fall
NordstromJustinRubin"The Role of Rochester's Bishop McQuaid in American Catholic Education"1996 Summer/Fall
GreeneRobertBurds"A New War has Begun:" The Soviet Destruction of the Greek Catholic Church in West Ukraine, 1939-1946.1996 Summer/Fall
BlumsteinRachelMerideth"Body and Purity in Early Christianity"1996 Spring
HeywardBrandyHudson"Research in the Life and Times of Peter Bryant, a Black Civil War Veteran"1996 Spring
LozeauTeresaCarey"The Impact of U.S. Foreign Aid Initiatives on Bolivia and Chile"1996 Spring
HilgerAaronNiemi"Turnover Rates in State Legislatures on the Eve of Term Limits"1995 Summer/Fall
KaramJohnHarris 1995 Summer/Fall
RobertsR. GregoryBurdsSuppression of the Ukrainian nationalist movement1995 Summer/Fall
AndersonTanyaHauser"Perceptions of Japanese Women in Literature"1995 Spring
ColemanGabrielBurds"Slandering Soviet Reality: Prison Dissent During the Khrushchev Era"1995 Spring
GillRosanne Spiritual dimensions of Laguna Pueblo women's lives1995 Spring
KletterMelanie  1995 Spring
LeffHollyBurdsEmerging Extreme Right in Contemporary Russian Politics1995 Spring
BentleyJenniferLondonGender as Performance: Virginia Woolf and Vita Sackville-West1994 Summer/Fall
RappCynthiaJacobs WhitfieldFamily Resource Centers and neighborhood centers in Rochester1994 Summer/Fall
BurgosAlbertoNiemi"Public Opinion and the Political Status of Puerto Rico"1994 Summer/Fall
HuyKarenKaeuperKingship-Idea Representations in French Medieval Popular Literature1994 Spring
SmarzynskaBeataSegalInfluence of Nazi ideology on four German mathematics journals in the 1930s and 1940s1994 Spring
WendellLeahRamseyComparative study of status of women of child-bearing age in traditional and modern Navajo and Iroquoian society1994 Spring
AdamsChris  1993 Summer/Fall
ButlerChris  1993 Summer/Fall
GreenwoldSimonBurds"Zhorka the Blessed: a Diary-Confession"1993 Spring
KanofskyAllisonStanleyThe "coattails" effect of 1992 election on Voting in Rochester/Monroe County1993 Spring
KuzelIreneHahnThe "Good Woman" in 17th Century England1993 Spring
OlearczykBethApplegateComparing the media treatment of the Rochester "street women" slayings to the "Jack the Ripper" slaying1993 Spring