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Throughout this commemorative 10th Anniversary edition, you will find highlights of the incredible impact
                created by the collective generosity of George Eastman Circle members, who have designated their support to
                         hundreds of available funds. Members have pledged $85 million over the last decade.

                                                               THE COLLEGE

                                                             •   Students engaged in diverse experiential learning
                                                               opportunities—95 percent participate in internships,
                                                               77 percent are involved in undergraduate research,
                                                               and 90 percent engage in one or more of the 275
                                                               student organizations.
                                                             •  The newly renovated Frederick Douglass Commons
                                                               opened. Visitors enjoy a reinvented space that includes
                                                               a variety of dining options, including a kosher kitchen,
                                                               allergen-free zones, and a community kitchen; a large
                                                               event space for cultural expos, department fairs,
                                                               concerns, and speaking events; the new Paul J. Burgett
                                                               Intercultural Center and the new Language Center.

                                                             •  The commitment to community-engaged learning was
                                                               furthered by taking learning beyond the classroom.
                                                               Students now have access to more than 40 courses in
                                                               which they can explore such topics as American Sign
                                                               Language, positive youth development, urban crime and
                                                               justice, and water use and conservation.

                                                               All dollars pledged toward the College are included in the Arts,
                                                               Sciences & Engineering total.


                                                               •  National recruitment of talented student-athletes led to
                                                                 Rochester’s top five Division III ranking, based on the
                                                                 number of Academic All-Americans.
                                                               •  Men’s Basketball advanced to the Sweet 16 of NCAA
                                                                 Division III Championships.

                                                               •  Softball was selected to the NCAA Division III
                                                                 Championships four times in five years.

                                                               •  Field Hockey was selected to the NCAA Division III
                                                                 Championships three times in five years and advanced
                                                                 to the Sweet 16.

         $2.5 Million
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