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                                                              RIVER CAMPUS


                                                             •  Letters and manuscripts by Frederick Douglass and other
                                                                important abolitionists, including an early edition of
                                                               Solomon Northrup’s Twelve Years a Slave, were acquired.
                                                               These items serve as an important addition to River
                                                               Campus Libraries’ already strong collection of African-
                                                               American historical materials that will continue to
                                                                support anti-slavery research and scholarly projects.

                                                             •  Close to 100 letters written by Susan B. Anthony
                                                               were acquired. The letters, written from Anthony
                                                                to her colleague and dear friend Rachel Foster Avery,
                                                                add to a rich collection of rare and unique 19th
          $1.5 Million                                          century manuscripts, which now include a total
            Pledged                                             of 300 letters by Anthony.
                                                             •  Stored space and disk capacity was increased for
                                                               Libraries digitization projects.

                                                             EASTMAN SCHOOL

                                                             OF MUSIC

                                                             •  Tens of thousands of patrons attended remarkable
                                                               performances in Kodak Hall, Kilbourn Hall, and Hatch
                                                               Recital Hall.
                                                             •  Kilbourn Hall was renovated and enhanced the
                                                               audience experience through new seats, new LED
                                                               lighting, and a lift was installed backstage to make the
                                                               hall ADA accessible.

                                                             •  Scholarship support was provided for musicians who
                                                               aspire to be the musical leaders of the future.

          $3.7 Million
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