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For Rochester Faculty & Administration: Hosting a Visitor

Departments and faculty members are the starting point in the process to host a visiting student, collaborator, or researcher, and we assist by facilitating the internal process and external communication with the prospective visitor. In the case of international visitors, hosts should contact the International Services Office early in the process to assist with obtaining the appropriate Visa. For additional information, the University created the International Research & Global Collaboration: Guidance for the University of Rochester Community.

For questions, please contact


For international visitors, it can take six months—sometimes longer—to formally complete the pre-arrival process. Because of the multiple University and government offices involved, we recommend you begin the Global Visitor Program as early as possible. For domestic visitors, the process averages one to three months.

To determine which onboarding process best suits your visitor, please select one of the below:

Questions or concerns? Contact us at or +1 585-273-1665.