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In honor of National Coming Out Day, the University's LGBTQ Advocacy Committee shares the result of its annual "UR Out" photo project, which invited LGBTQ employees to participate by sharing a photo. The project is a visible representation that helps to foster a sense of community while also letting LGBTQ students, coworkers, and patients know that they are welcome here at the University.   


Of those pictured, approximately 39% are from the College of Arts, Sciences, & Engineering; 33% are from The University of Rochester Medical Center; and 17% are from the School of Medicine and Dentistry.  We also had participation from folks in Central Administration, Eastman School of Music, Health Service/University Counseling Center, Human Resources, and the School of Nursing.  Most of our participating LGBTQ employees have been with the University for 0-5 years (49%) followed by 6-10 years (18%).  About 11% of those pictured have worked with us for 11-15 years and another 11% for 16-20 years.  The final 11% have been here more than 20 years!  

 national coming out day introduction
coming out day 2
coming out day 3
coming out day 4

About this page

This LGBTQ page is intended to be a central landing point for University of Rochester community members interested in issues of gender and sexual diversity. Should you discover additional resources or have any suggestions, questions, or comments, please send them to our LGBTQ Coordinator, Colleen Raimond, at