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In Photos

March 2024 in Photos

March ushered in spring and a wealth of activities across the University of Rochester. Take a brief look back at how we spent the month. Photos by J. Adam Fenster unless otherwise noted.

Student wears virtual reality glasses, filtered through a rainbow prism

A NEW REALITY: A student uses VR (virtual reality) equipment in the Mary Ann Mavrinac Studio X in Carlson Library.

Professor holds a cell phone and a small speaker out in the direction of his students

LESSONS IN HUMANITY: Dmitry Bykov, a visiting assistant professor in Russian and the University’s inaugural Scholar in Exile with the Humanities Center, plays recordings of Russian prison songs during his class Hard Labor, Exile, Prison: The Culture of Incarceration in Russia.

PhD student stands at computer station running a test on a pair of eclipse glasses

LIGHT THE WAY: J. Lyse Mugeni, a third-year optical engineering PhD student, uses a tunable light source to test the transmittance of the material used in eclipse glasses purchased by the University.

Three female dancers in a row, each in the same black, sequined costume

THE SHOW MUST GO ON: McKenna Young ’26, Grace Van Der Meer ’25, and Nora Rooney ’25 of UR Celtic prepare for their performance as part of a welcome concert for attendees of the 2024 American College Dance Association Northeast Conference. The event, held in coordination with the Program of Dance and Movement, welcomed 400 guests to the River Campus for four days of dance classes, performances, and workshops.

Cover of a rare book reading "Transparent Solar System"

SPACING OUT: Diagrams of Geology, History, and Physical Geography by James Reynolds (1849) is one of several rare eclipse-related books housed in Rush Rhees Library’s Department of Rare Books, Special Collections, and Preservation.

A roomful of students stands anxiously behind a table with white envelopes

MEET YOUR MATCH: Fourth-year students at the School of Medicine and Dentistry await the countdown to noon on Match Day to find out where they’ll be placed for their residencies.

Reporters and camerapeople take in a press conference with woman at podium

AND ALL THAT JAZZ: University President Sarah C. Mangelsdorf makes remarks during a news conference announcing the lineup of the 21st Rochester International Jazz Festival.

Student follows along a green and while floor labyrinth

YOUR MOMENT OF ZEN: Elia Cuautle ’24 walks the labyrinth in Goergen Athletic Center during University Health Service’s annual Flourish Festival.

Four college students stand at the front of a high school class next to a white board that reads "Getting Ready for College Apps"

PREP SQUAD: Adarsh Mavathaveedu ’24, Smit Kothari ’25, Keira Donnelly ’26, and Hana Zhang ’26 make introductions at the start of an advising session for Project Level the Field. The program offers free, in-person mentorship to Rochester City School District students and sessions with advisors at Rochester and other schools to answer questions high school students have about the college application process.

Profile of a man in an overcoat standing in the great hall of a library

VISITING SCHOLARSHIP: Baitullah Hameedi, a visiting scholar at the University’s Susan B. Anthony Center, poses in the Rush Rhees Library Great Hall. Before his 2021 arrival in the United States, Hameedi was a multimedia journalist in Afghanistan and a faculty member in the journalism and communications studies department at Kabul University.

Several students walk through a college quad on a sunny spring day

GOING TO WEGMANS. NEED ANYTHING?: Students walk through Hajim Quad on the River Campus during a warm afternoon.

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