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Faculty Workshop Descriptions

Teaching and Learning in the Digital Age: An Overview

This workshop will provide an overview of the use of digital tools, resources and instructional technologies to support a variety of educational environments, both nationally and at the University of Rochester. 

Presenters - Eric Fredericksen, Raffaella Borasi, and Sarah Peyre

Designing an Online Course or Educational Experience 

This workshop will provide an introduction to lesson design for instructors. Organization and planning tools will be reviewed to assist faculty in preparing for the design and development of a course, individual lesson, or educational experience that includes digital and online components. Attendees will be guided through the first 3 steps of development and will leave the workshop with a clear understanding of the foundational structure of their course.

Presenters - Eric Fredericksen, Lisa Brown and Andrew Wolf

Encouraging Learner Interaction with Digital Tools

This workshop identifies different uses of asynchronous communication tools in the University learning management system and how to apply them to encourage greater interaction with and among students. There will also be opportunities to explore the role of social media (Twitter, Facebook, Google) as an educational tool. We will also explore the translation of common activities from a face-to-face classroom experience to the online classroom environment. 

Presenters - Lisa Brown, Michelle Messenger, and Tracy Cherry 

Engaging Learners with Digital Tools and Open Educational Resources 

This workshop will review a number of digital tools and applications that faculty can use to enhance engagement with students.  The session will include demonstration and application of select tools that faculty might consider in their own courses. 

Presenters - Eric Fredericksen, Lisa Brown, Karen Liljequist, Kim Hoffman, Jim Farrington  

Connecting with learners in digital classrooms and meeting spaces

This workshop will focus on the application of synchronous communication tools that faculty can be used for multiple purposes including live online class sessions, remote speakers in face-to-face classroom courses, online office hours, and remote teaching when traveling. 

Presenters - Lisa Brown and Joe Gomulak-Cavicchio

Ensuring a High-Quality Experience through best practices in online teaching

This final workshop in the series connects effective online course design with the national Quality Matters program and reviews best practices in online teaching. Examples of effective online teaching strategies are presented and discussed.

Presenters - Eric Fredericksen, Andrew Wolf and Lisa Brown