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Faculty Guide to Online Learning


We are happy you are starting your journey with online learning!

This Faculty Guide for Online Learning will provide you with a framework for the development process. There are three building block steps in this process:

  1. Conceptualize your Course
  2. Develop your Course
  3. Pilot your Course

Step 1 - Conceptualize your Course

The first step is to start conceptualizing your course.

Step 2 - Develop your Course

With your planning tools in place, it is time to start developing and implementing your course. Support, tools, and resources are available.

Step 3 - Pilot your Course 

With your online course completely developed, it is now time for you to pilot your course. In this step you need to:

  • Begin Teaching your course 
  • Collaborate with your instructional design partner
  • Keep a journal in order to make revisions for the next time you teach the course