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Employer FAQ

506 forms are used to pay students for teaching or other work directly related to their academic program.

The University recommends no more than 20 hours per week during the academic year. Up to 40 hours during breaks and summer.

International students are only permitted to work 20 hours per week during the academic year. For more information, please contact ISO.

If a student is awarded work study, you can view the award in JobLink. The award amount is updated every two weeks after payroll process.

It is recommended to check students’ award amounts regularly. Keep in mind that students with more than one job will use Work Study funds quicker. We recommend asking students if they have more than one position and how many hours they work.

A pending status in JobLink can mean several things:

  • A student has not completed their I-9. You can see this in JobLink by using the Supervisor Search Student feature under the JobX tab.
  • A student has not completed their WTPA or Missed Meal Acknowledgement. Hire requestors can view the WTPA by using the Hire Request feature under the JobX tab.
  1. Students complete Part I on their own using Our employer code is 11968. Our employer location is 100000-Student Workers.
  2. Student must complete Part II with the Student Employment Office (Wallis Hall), the Financial Aid Office or Human Resources at the Eastman School of Music, or with the Human Resources Service Center (Brooks Landing) to verify their documentation.
  3. The documents must be original. No copies or scan are accepted.

Current students can maintain employment through the summer. Graduating students must be hired through HR or strong staffing. Students returning as graduate students, must be registered for summer courses to work through student employment.

Please note Federal Work Study is not awarded in the summer.

The wages and job classifications page under the students menu will give you information about job families, categories, and levels.

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