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Wages & Job Classifications

The current hire rates are:

  • Level I hire rate: $15.00
  • Level II hire rate: $15.20
  • Level III hire rate: $15.40

Please note all student wages will automatically increase to the minimum of each level if currently below the base pay rate.

For advanced-level work for graduate students in program, technical, or research assistant positions.

  • Level IV hire range: $16.50- $21.45
  • Level V hire range: $19.95–$25.95

Job classifications

Student employment job classifications (Level I–III) apply to all hourly positions at the University per the Federal Work Study Program.

Student employment job classifications (Level IV–V) apply to hourly graduate positions.

The levels increase as the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs) required for the position increase (e.g., decision making, authority, independence) and the qualifications of the job (e.g., education, specialized or technical knowledge, length of experience, and required certifications/licenses, training) change.

Supervisors must identify the job family, category, and level that seems most appropriate for the requested position.

The Student Employment Office will review the job description to determine the appropriate job family, skill level, and job code, and classification.

Job Families

All student employment positions are classified into one of the following job families:

  • Office assistant
    • Office jobs include social media assistants, campus tour guides, and Eastman Box Office
  • Program assistant
    • Program jobs include note takers, tutors, and Fitness Center monitors.
  • Research assistant
    • Research jobs are available in a variety of departments and labs on campus and at URMC
  • Service assistant
    • Service jobs include Starbucks Baristas, mascots and spirit assistants, and lifeguards
  • Technical assistant
    • Technical jobs include animal care, research support, and roles with Events and Classroom Management
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