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What is an I-9?

An I-9 or Form I-9 is a federal document used to verify your identity and eligibility for employment in the United States. This form must be completed before you are able to work for the University regardless of citizenship. I-9’s are done in two parts. The first part is done on your own, using the University’s online system. The second part is completed in person by providing acceptable forms of identification.

How to complete an I-9

Please do not print your I-9 or the confirmation. Our process is entirely electronic.

  1. Complete Part I online at Our employer code is 11968. You will be asked to provide a work location, please select 100000-Student Workers.
  2. Once you submit Part I, you will receive a list of the documentation to complete Part II. Documentation is required to provide proof of identity and proof of eligibility to work in the United States. See the US. Citizenship and Immigration Services website for Form I-9 acceptable documents.
  3. Part II must be completed in person and all your documentation must be original, no copies or pictures.
  4. Part II can be completed at the Office of Human Resources Monday through Friday from 8:15 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Brooks Landing on Genesee Street. Click here to make an appointment.

I-9 next steps

After Part II of the I-9 is complete it may take up to four days to process into our student employment system. You are able to check the status of the I-9 in JobLink on the profile page. The I-9 field will indicate Yes or No.

Please note, an I-9 should remain valid for the length of a student’s degree program and only needs to be completed once for jobs through student employment.

Once the I-9 processes and all employment prerequisites are complete, the supervisor will receive an email with the start date. Students are not permitted to work before all the prerequisites are complete.

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