Rochester’s students continue to lag in English and math, how do we combat this?

“The State Education Department released the spring 2019 test results for grades 3-8 in English and math today, and the Rochester City School District remains the lowest performing of the state’s Big Five districts. Only 13.2 percent of the Rochester district’s students were grade-level proficient in English. That was an improvement of 1.8 percentage points from the prior year.”

When we see news like this it’s important to remember what we can do to affect change. Our program provides on average an extra 2,600 minutes of reading instruction and 1,800 minutes of math instruction to our students during the summer.

Horizons National notes that on average, Horizons students who begin the summer below grade level experience the most growth, well above what would be expected over the course of 6 weeks of instruction. Summer learning programs have also shown to be effective at closing the achievement gap between high- and low- income students, giving them a better fighting chance as they progress through school.

Consider supporting under resourced kids in your neighborhood today!

Give or volunteer your time to our program, there are plenty of ways to help, from small gifts to mentoring a high school student to donating your gently used bathing suits. Thank you!