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Resources for Parents

Move-in Day

As a parent or guardian, you offer a valuable perspective to the CARE network, often providing historical information about your student that helps the CARE team better conceptualize the student’s behaviors, struggles, and how to successfully approach him or her with reasonable options.

We encourage parents to submit a CARE Referral when there is significant reason to be concerned about a UR student. Whether this student is your son or daughter, a roommate, or family friend, the CARE system can be of assistance. While parental perspectives will vary, the following list provides some suggested contributions that families can offer:

  • Is the student missing multiple classes?
  • Is there something going on in your family (e.g., death, divorce, other significant event) that may negatively affect the student’s performance?
  • Have you noticed a significant change in the student’s behavior?
  • Has the student been ill for a long period of time?
  • Is the student presenting signs of being in distress (e.g., feeling incredibly overwhelmed, talking about “wanting to give up," presenting other signs of significant stress)?
  • Is the student isolating him- or herself?

Consider submitting a CARE Referral if you have concerns that may require additional support from multiple offices on campus. While one of the concerns listed above, alone, may not trigger a CARE Referral, a combination of these concerns may be cause for concern. Any information you submit may initiate the process of identifying a student in distress, or may add to information we already have about a student of concern.

If you are still uncertain about whether you should submit a CARE Referral, please review this document. You may also or instead choose to submit a Bias-Related Incident Report or Community Concern Report.

Submit a CARE Report

CARE-related Resources

One-on-one consultations

If you would like to discuss your concern or share information about the UR student prior to submitting a CARE Referral, then the Director of Parent Relations, Dawn Bruner, can be of assistance. In some cases, Dawn can suggest offices on campus that can appropriately support the student of concern prior to enacting the CARE network. In other cases, Dawn may suggest that you submit a CARE Referral so the team can assist in reaching out to the student through multiple University offices.

Dawn Bruner can be contacted at or (585) 275-5415.

Counseling-related concerns

If you believe your son or daughter would benefit from the services provided by the University Counseling Center (UCC), or have questions about the resources UCC offers, please call (585) 275-3113. Although limited information regarding whether a student has been using UCC can be provided, a UCC staff member is available to discuss your concerns and offer suggestions based upon the counseling and counseling-related resources that are available at the University of Rochester.

The University Counseling Center can be reached at (585) 275-3113.

Additional CARE-related information

If you would like additional information about the CARE system and how the CARE team identifies and triages students who are in or heading toward distress, please contact a CARE staff member at or (585) 275-4085.

Conversation Starters

Are you concerned about your son or daughter? Not sure how to initiate the conversation with him or her? Below are a few suggestions that may aid in telling your student about the resources available to him or her on campus.

Student on Laptop

  • “I can’t help but notice that you [list behaviors or concerns]. Where have you gone on campus to receive support?”
  • “Do you have anyone on campus that you think could be really helpful to you right now?”
  • “Let’s submit a CARE Referral so a CARE staff member can let us know how to work through these challenges.”
  • “Who else on campus knows what you’ve been going through?”
  • “We can fix this and come up with options. Let me start by talking with Dawn Bruner about what resources are available.”