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When to make an Appointment with a Health Professions Adviser:

Step 1: Have Questions?
Step 2: Read FAQ, links, and additional information found on this website.
Step 3: Did you get the answers you were looking for?
Step 4: If not… Attend a health professions session for more information.
Step 5: Still have questions? Make an appointment with a health professions adviser.

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203 Lattimore Hall, River Campus
(585) 276-7315

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To receive announcements from the Office of Health Professions Advising, email with the subject "listserv."

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For IN PERSON or PHONE appointments with a health professions adviser, please click here.

Please send an email to the adviser you have booked with describing the purpose of your appointment. If you plan to have a phone appointment, please provide a number where you can be reached. Also, if you are scheduling a practice interview, please notify your adviser in advance.

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