Health Professions Advising



Health professional schools that have interest in your application after reviewing all of your application and supporting materials will invite you for an interview. Most health professional schools only interview candidates they have a strong interest in.

Scheduling and travel

Health professional schools can be very limited in the dates they have available for interviews, and you will have to pay for your travel to and from the school. You should take these facts into consideration when you make decisions about when to apply and which (and how many) schools to apply to. The interview season runs roughly from September to early April, and individual schools follow their own timelines for inviting applicants.

Format of interview

This varies from program to program. You may have a formal interview with one questioner. You may be interviewed by a faculty member and/or current students. You may meet with a panel of interviewers by yourself or with other candidates at the same time. And you may be asked to respond to a series of situations and questions in multiple mini interviews (MMI). At some schools interviewers will have read your file, at others you will be starting with a “clean slate.” You may have more than one interview and type of interview during the day. When you schedule your interview you should ask about the format of the interview. Note that interviewers rarely see their role as adversarial, they simply want to get to know you better.

Some rules for your interview

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