Health Professions Advising

Health Committee Letter

All health professions schools require letters of recommendation as part of their application process. For students applying to medical, dental or veterinary school, the Office of Health Professions Advising prepares a special recommendation letter, known as the Health Committee (HC) letter, for eligible individuals.

Rochester’s Health Committee Letter

Health Committee letters serve different functions at different undergraduate institutions. At the University of Rochester, the HC letter functions as a single letter of recommendation. The letter is based on the applicant’s submitted Health Professions Questionnaire (HPQ)*, his or her interaction and interview with a health professions adviser, and the academic record. The letter will mention activities both inside and outside the classroom, as well as an applicant’s motivation for his/her intended field. HC letters do not include information from other recommenders, and is not a composite or packet letter. Not every college furnishes such letters and professional schools regard them highly, so this service will set you apart from many of your competitors. Because the University of Rochester offers such a letter, failure to secure one for a program that requires or recommends one can be a serious weakness in your application.

In order to receive a Health Committee Letter, there are several requirements and deadlines students must meet. Click here for more information on our policies.

Health Professions Questionnaire (HPQ)

The Health Professions Questionnaire is an online form that prepares students for their professional school applications. In addition to it providing guided self-reflection, it is also one of the requirements for students to complete as part of their Health Committee Letter request. Information submitted in the HPQ will be used in the advising process, as well as within a student's health committee letter. Students can access the HPQ by clicking here. Please click here for the Student Conduct History Waiver. Please click here for the Health Committee Letter Student Checklist.